Investing In Liberty for Fun and Profit

At this point in history, I believe the opportunity presently exists for investing in the tools of liberty in combination with the ability to profit from the exchange. To any discerning, educated mind, the ability to purchase firearms and ammo could be rapidly coming to an end.

FBI records indicate the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) experienced over 900,000 more requests (Form 4473) to purchase firearms in the last quarter of 2008 than the same period for 2007. This figure does not reveal the number of private purchases that occurred over the same period.

This significant increase has created industry-wide shortages in several different firearm model offerings, predominantly in the so-called "assault weapon" categories. A friend who is employed by a sporting goods chain in a large Southwestern US city, told me a couple of days ago that his store received a shipment of 10 Rock River Arms AR-15, M4 firearms and they all sold in less than an hour. The flashing "Notice" sign at RRA’s website is indicative of the present demand for this product.

I have found the Rock River offering to be the finest AR-15 platform available in this genre of weapons. While I am not a fan of the .223 round for self-defense, the weapons platform is an exceptional choice. Bushmaster, Stag Arms and DPMS are also very well constructed firearms in this category.

The great advantage to the AR-15, M4 platform is the ability to switch calibers by simply switching upper receivers. My preference is the offering in .458 SOCOM, although several others are available.

AK-47s in all models and styles have become increasingly popular and have seen an increase in price based on availability. My research shows that several American companies now producing AK’s have actually stopped taking orders for their products, simply being unable to keep up with the demand. I believe the 7.62×39 round to be much better suited for defense against man-sized targets than the .223 round. I know I will receive a large number of emails from folks who disagree with me on the above, but my past experience led me to this choice. I do not seek to change anyone’s mind that prefers the .223 round; I’ll use my choice, you use yours.

A Springfield M1-A in .308 caliber is my weapon of choice in the so-called "assault weapons" category. It combines the dependability of operation inherent with the M1 Garand coupled with the convenience of a carbine version in the M1-A SOCOM. The .308 or 7.62X51 is a proven stopper on man-sized targets. I paid $500.00 for my very first M1-A; the same rifle now is almost $2000.00. I can assure you, considering the present political environment and demand by consumers; the price of these fine firearms will certainly see a substantial increase.

When it comes to handguns, I am a 1911 guy, pure and simple. There is a reason this weapons platform has been around for almost 100 years; it works. The .45ACP round is a very effective round for putting a severe cramp on any criminal desires one might encounter.

While I routinely joke with my friends about their "plastic pistols," in reality there are several excellent brands out there that are great choices, the Springfield XD being my first choice. While we could argue on and on about which caliber is best for personal defense, individual preference will vary. Choose the caliber you can handle best; 3 hits on target with a .22 LR are better than 6 misses with a .44 Mag.

Wheelguns, or revolvers as they are better known, have seen a decline in popularity since the introduction of the high capacity semiautomatic pistol. I still consider the revolver to be the best choice for the new shooter owing to the simplicity of operation. I have a passion for the old Smith and Wesson blue steel revolvers in all calibers. Not as popular now due to most all models being produced in stainless steel, the older S&W revolver was manufactured when American craftsmen took pride in their work. My collection of these revolvers increase in value has far exceeded any 401K.

Let us not forget what many consider the best self-defense firearm available today: the shotgun. It is really hard to argue with this logic, the primary disadvantage being the size of the weapon and the ability to bring it into play in tight quarters. The old scattergun brings a lot of firepower to the point of attack. Buckshot, depending on the gauge of the shotgun, throws out a significant number of projectiles, .24 to .36 caliber for each pull of the trigger. Many folks prefer the pump-action shotgun for its dependability, but my personal choice is the semi-auto. I prefer to present as small a target as possible to an adversary, and a pump action shotgun is extremely difficult to operate in the prone position.

Whatever your choice might be, the purchase of a firearm(s) and/or a significant amount of ammunition in today’s political climate is a wise investment. I do not believe we will see a decline in demand or an increase in availability of either in the near or distant future. There will be a time, in the not so distant future, when a firearm with ammo will be worth much more than an ounce of gold. The upside to having a firearm and ammo is the firearm can be used to defend your gold against confiscation or theft. It has happened before you know.

It is much better to have one and not need it, than to need one and not have it. As an investment, this product is worth much more than the fiat money required for purchase and it could possibly save your life, or the lives of your loved ones.