Calling All (Soon To Be) Criminals

As my grandfather was fond of saying: "it’s time to fish or cut bait." As predicted here, the Obama administration intends to put a new Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) on the fast track. Those of us who believe in the Constitution of the United States and our inherent right to protect ourselves, our families, and our property, will soon be forced to choose between our beliefs and support for a corrupt, liberty destroying government. In short, in their eyes, we will become criminals.

Attorney General and race-baiter Eric Holder erroneously believes a new AWB would stop the flow of guns into the hands of drug smugglers in Mexico. If he can’t, with all the power of the state, stop the flow of drugs into this country, can he really believe an AWB would keep firearms out of the hands of millionaire drug cartels who have no regard whatsoever for the current laws?

Mr. Holder cares not if criminals have guns; he just wants to make damn sure those who love liberty are totally disarmed and unable to protect what little property they have left! Soon we will hear from the state those who possess firearms are somehow latent racists. Actually, James Wolcott, blogging at Vanity Fair, wrote the following:

"No wonder so many would-be Wolverines in the right blogs are talking about stocking up on assault rifles and ammo — they’ve got ransackers running wild in their imaginations too. I urge these people to confront their racial fears,…"

The coming economic storm created with the "bailout" mentality now infecting our elected morons and the lapdog media, which the Heritage Foundation predicts will bring on 85—95 percent confiscatory taxes visited on the producers in our society, obviously has those in power concerned. The Obamatrons know that with that rate of taxation social order will disappear, and history proves masters prefer their slaves unarmed.

Glen Beck, who supported the huge growth in government under Dubya, is now claiming he has seen the chaos coming for years and openly discusses the breakdown of societal order and possible armed revolution, in the MSM.

Many in this nation have been preparing for such an event. Firearm and ammunition sales are at an all time high, with many weapons that fall into the government’s definition of assault weapon disappearing in availability and rising rapidly in price when available. A friend in North Carolina phoned this weekend to tell me he waited in line for an hour to get into a local gun show. Another friend in Tennessee had a similar story. Most ammo and reloading supplies are in short supply nation wide.

My personal choice in "assault weapons," the M1A SOCOM, has disappeared from Internet firearms auction sites and most gun shop racks. The AR-15, M4 platform is seeing huge sales and similar lack of availability.

Many wonder out loud what those in the military will do, when, not if, the government moves to confiscate those nasty black guns from American citizens. If they have taken the time to reflect on their oath of enlistment in which they swore to uphold and defend the Constitution, against all enemies, foreign and domestic, the answer should be obvious. Any enemy of the Constitution should immediately become the enemy of those sworn to defend it. Nowhere in the oath is a commitment to support the government.

Many also wonder if there will be a "defining" event that will precipitate the call for total confiscation, a false-flag operation or another mass public shooting of civilians, perhaps even children, by a mentally unstable individual, heavily into prescription drugs.

For several years I have been of the opinion there is no political answer to the coming unrest in this country and the subsequent move to seize firearms from the populace. I have written often of my total lack of faith in the National Rifle Association (NRA) and their belief in "compromise" with the enemy as a means of retaining our God-given rights. I have never understood why we beg from man (the state) for that which is already ours! When the NRA’s belief in compromise led them to promoting the growth of the state apparatus used to deny our 2A rights, (BATFE) my beliefs were confirmed.

While I once also supported Gun Owners of America, (GOA) and still believe them to be honest and sincere in their support for the 2A, I find their approach to be based on convincing politicians to do what is morally and constitutionally right. We all should realize "that ain’t gonna happen."

Loving liberty will not be sufficient in the coming hard times. Gun owners, constitutionalists, and believers in freedom are going to be faced with some life-changing decisions. Again, to quote my grandfather, "we are going to be forced to put some wheels on our prayers."