Has the Schiff Hit the Fan?

On January 25, 2009, the Schiff hit the fan when a popular and highly respected blogger, Mike Shedlock, took aim at rock-star financial guru Peter Schiff and his salient Peter Schiff fan club. According to “Mish,” as Shedlock is known, “most of the praise heaped on Schiff is simply unwarranted, and I can prove it.”

Much of Schiff’s fame derives from the now legendary “Peter Schiff Was Right” video, which was created and promoted by his Internet admirers and as of this writing has been viewed over 1.1 million times. Without a doubt, Schiff has become a hero for hordes of knowledge-seeking liberty activists who desire economic truths as well as a visible voice for their cause. These activists are not shy about openly supporting their guy. Until Peter Schiff, there was practically no one in a position to appear on national TV shows and combat the parade of misinformation consistently trotted out by government propagandists, the mainstream press, and their predictable economic advisors who are determined to shill for a new implementation of a tried-and-failed Keynesian paradigm.