The End

I have written several essays on the subject of secession. The larger issue is the causes and results of national dissolutions. In our lifetimes, we have witnessed the destruction and devolution of the Soviet Union spinning off 15 nations dropping off the red corpus of the USSR. The Pakistanis have no notional control over the entire northwestern portion of their country bordering war-torn Afghanistan and it is arguable whether these united States have control of their southern border with Mexico which is brimming with all the components of an irregular warfare scenario.

I don’t happen to agree with Igor Panarin’s prognosis that America will dissolve in 2010 but I do predict its demise in its present configuration no later than 2012—14. I have no good visual on what America will look like in the aftermath but it is coming. I think his assessment assumes that foreign nations will be able to swoop in and establish suzerainty over regions of what is now America. He even mentions that Alaska will return to Russian ownership. His analysis betrays certain intellectual prejudices common in academia that assume clean, if interrupted transfers of governments, even to foreign powers. They make this assumption because academia rewards the government supremacist philosophy and punishes all others.

I have mentioned before that the financial and economic meta-crisis we face is absolutely insoluble. It is certainly a primary component in the eventual devolution to come. The response by the Federal government so far has been woefully predictable but the magnitude of economic illiteracy has reached a new crescendo among the usual suspects. The Federal Reserve has become the Romulus and Remus of financial armegeddon by assuming the position of both subprime borrower and lender; in essence, promises to pay with no possible ability to see the contract through. The total acknowledged output of loans, printing and guarantees is most likely in excess of the 8.5 trillion reported. Almost two thirds of total suspected GDP for America in one year and counting. I say suspected because I don’t think the government has a clue about the scale of the underground economy and it is massive and un(der)reported.

The ensuing dislocation, civil unrest and eventual rebellions will draw from other factors, as well, to include social fissures, government over-reaction and abusive laws. I would mention unconstitutional but that is a fabled canard since the document has been dead since the end of WWI and Wilson’s completion of Lincoln’s unfinished national project to destroy sub-national authority in these united States. Witness the rush to myriads of new gun prohibition proposals being proffered in Obama’s new American order in spite of the DC v. Heller decision. I am a Heller skeptic especially in light of Scalia’s infamous three words in his decision — "dangerous and unusual" — which will be used to provide a Supremes imprimatur to any gun prohibition coming down the pike. This is yet another flashpoint that is going to be traced back in the history books as a political match our rulers wantonly tossed into the pool of gasoline they waded in.

There is much talk of the Red and Blue states and the cultural divides but I believe the true fissures are between urban and rural populations and the significant part of the population both Left or Right that have forsaken participation in the political theater in America, like voting, and instead devoted themselves to other enterprises.

If the rule of Mordor on the Potomac is viewed through a lens of occupation behavior, all the parts and pieces start to make much more sense. I would point out that the US has far exceeded even the bounds of Hague and Geneva conventions. An enterprising attorney could start a very interesting case impugning the violation of these conventions. Most occupations end badly for the author of the occupation unless totalitarian regimes are emplaced. The train of post-WWI abuses visited on the American population by their rulers since the end of WWI are thoroughly documented elsewhere and the resultant reactions are a little more dimly realized in our history.

As my friend Skip is fond of mentioning, the American Imperial enterprise derives zero material value from its involvement both small and large around the globe and foots the bill with no possible return foreseeable for the inputs. Almost sounds like a subprime lender mentality. The hubristic and tyrannical habits the FEDGOD has become accustomed to are impossible to break and will only end with the collapse of these united States. Whatever empires practice abroad eventually comes home to roost, witness the Fabian-Orwellian nightmare that is the United Kingdom. My cursory examination of Western history portrays a fate no different. The American collapse will lead to far greater privation than Great Depression I and I predict far more grisly violence than was seen in the Soviet collapse in 1989—91.

My advice is beginning to sound like a broken record — gold, guns and groceries. If you can relocate internationally, the gates are starting to close.