The Gathering Storm

A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years.

~ Lysander Spooner

Critical decisions, based purely on emotions, at the expense of reason, are at the very least, dangerous in the extreme. The emotional hysteria involving the coronation of our new president is frightening indeed and should be seen by those who truly believe in the Bill of Rights, especially the Second Amendment (2A), as a gathering storm. This type of intense worship and adulation for a statist leader has not been witnessed since the 1930s in Europe.

The deck is stacked against liberty and personal freedom: the President is anti-gun, the Vice-President is anti-gun, the Speaker of the House of Representatives is anti-gun, the Senate Majority leader is anti-gun, the Attorney General is anti-gun, as is the majority of congress.

The group that claims it protects our 2A freedoms, the NRA, has compromised citizens into a terribly weak position as concerns our 2A rights. A staunch supporter of the NRA wrote the following when I confronted him with evidence of support by NRA leadership for multiple infringements of the very freedoms the NRA claims to defend.

"In your examples, I’m dubious that Baker and LaPierre really believed what they were saying. Political BS, trying to keep the votes lined up. Doing their own con-job efforts on Congressional neutrals."

How can anyone justify supporting an NRA leadership that lies? Can anyone be sure whom else these leaders have lied to, and for what reason? Have they also lied to their members about supporting 2A?

This same reader stated the NRA could not support Congressman Ron Paul (A+ GOA rating) for president because he did not have a chance at winning and instead supported Senator John McCain who had an F— rating on 2A issues as rated by Gun Owners of America. Is it not completely obvious that the NRA cares more about being on the winning (republican) team than it does about defending the 2A? Money sent to these traitors would be better spent on ammo.

What should frighten everyone about the NRA is their enthusiastic support for a federal agency (BATFE), an agency that perpetrated a raid on innocent men, women and children at Waco that led to the deaths of over 75 members of that church, including 21 children, and then lied to Congress about the particulars of that raid. The agency claimed the raid was necessary to protect the well-being of the children the state eventually killed. The BATFE has taught its agents to perjure themselves in court, has declared a shoestring to be a machine gun, and routinely abuses citizens in their homes and businesses.

Republicans, don’t even start blaming the loss of freedoms on those "damn liberals." You supported a candidate for president with a terrible record on supporting the Bill of Rights, ignoring the only candidate (Ron Paul) who stands for everything you claim to believe in. You continued in your support for a criminal administration just because they called themselves "conservative" and you could align yourself with a "winner." You supported mass murder in Iraq and Afghanistan and the seizing of freedoms in this country in the name of "security." Your support of this continuing madness led to the massive emotional turnout for the Chi Town Hustler. If you are looking for sympathy, it falls between shame and syphilis in the dictionary.

I believe there to be no political solution to the infringements on our liberty by the tyrannical state. Money sent to organizations that basically pay elected representatives to honor their oaths to the Constitution is money wasted.

Now, for the scenario that will precede a rush to confiscate all weapons presently in the hands of American citizens: history tells us that first a madman, who has been previously diagnosed with mental problems, who is taking legal, across the counter, mind-altering drugs, will enter a "gun-free zone" and kill a large number of innocent people. The attack must take place in a gun-free zone to enable the madman to kill as many as possible without encountering anyone with the ability to stop him, otherwise the desired number of deaths could not be obtained, and if someone were to be armed and shoot the madman, other than an employee of the state, it would support private, individual possession of firearms, exactly the opposite of the state’s desired effect.

Second, the firearm(s) will have been obtained through currently legal channels. If the firearm were to be illegally obtained, or stolen, it would not support the state’s case for shutting down legal sales.

Third, the perpetrator of this death and mayhem will promptly commit suicide; this precludes any investigation into true motives or possible accomplices.

The MSM will then repeatedly show scenes of this crime in order to bring about the most intense emotional response from Boobus. There will be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth and demands for immediate action by the state. Congress will immediately consider and pass gun control legislation that has been previously written and simply awaiting this event, claiming again this legislation is absolutely necessary and will make us all safer.

It is my sincere hope the above never happens, but history and the current emotional climate in this country does not support my desires. Take advantage of this window in time to prepare yourself for the coming storm.

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