Character, Guns, and Criminals

I have chosen to live where I do for several reasons; a quiet rural community with houses several hundred yards apart; a very small number of residents per square mile and the wonderful character of the majority of folks who live around me.

My neighbors are the salt of the earth, and although they probably would not recognize the term, are classic libertarians. They take care of their own affairs, never bother anyone, and suddenly appear if help is needed. They recognize government for what it is: an albatross around the neck of freedom and a resource-eating machine of oppression.

Wildlife is abundant; it is not unusual to have 25—30 mule deer in my back pasture on any given evening. Elk are everywhere in the nearby meadows and mountains. Foxes, Hawks, Wild Turkeys, Coyotes, and Eagles are common sights.

Yesterday, I stopped by the County Court House to renew the license tags on my pick-ups. I arrived approximately 10 minutes before the Motor Vehicle Department office opened. I walked over to the large bulletin board to while away the time until the office opened. I noticed at least three business cards for local firearms dealers posted there and several ads by private individuals who were seeking to sell a number of different firearms. It would appear the powers that inhabit our courthouse have no fear of armed citizens and even have a bulletin board to facilitate the sale and purchase of these tools of liberty.

By the way, I was into the MVD, obtained new tags for my trucks and was back on the road in six minutes. Try that in a big city.

While I was driving home, I thought of the huge difference in government and people here and those in larger cities. The city that came immediately to mind was Chicago, the home of the corrupt political machine that spawned our newest set of national tyrants. I wondered how legislation to ban all firearms, introduced by a racist criminal, on the first day of the new congress, would be greeted by the folks I call neighbors?

The initiation of HR 45 is significant for several reasons: it was introduced on the first day of the new congress. Obviously, it was at the top of the priority list of those believing this new administration to be in the corner of those whose goal is to disarm American citizens. Second, it was significant that a man who has made a career of belonging to criminal enterprises introduced this legislation. He was the founder of the Illinois chapter of the Black Panthers, became a member of the corrupt Chicago political cabal, and finally, a member of congress.

Bobby Rush once referred to Barack Obama as an "educated fool" when they were both candidates for the Democratic nomination for U.S. House of Representatives in 2000. Obviously, Bobby Rush, like many other Americans, had no problem supporting an "educated fool" for president.

People of honest character have no problem with the private ownership of firearms by honest citizens. The disarming of the American populace is an act that is/has been initiated and endorsed by criminals and tyrants and supported by the ignorant, the cowardly, and educated fools. Americans in large numbers continue to elect the criminals and tyrants and provide their hard-earned tax money to indoctrinate the ignorant and educated fools in our public schools and universities.

The majority who claim to love the 2A, continue to support criminals and tyrants, even when presented the alternative of liberty loving constitutionalists such as Ron Paul. Supporting a "winner" continues to be more important to them than liberty. Don’t make the mistake of believing them to be men/women of character, and make damn sure they are not protecting your flank when the curtain goes up!

Also ironic is the belief by many that an organization (Black Panthers) that initiated and supported violence in the name of race is to be overlooked, forgiven, even patronized, while others (Ku Klux Klan) who did the same are to be universally condemned, as both groups should be.

The proponents of this point of view are the same supporters of revisionist history who would have everyone believe the glorious, heroic history of the Buffalo Soldiers who served in the U.S. Army Cavalry in the American Southwest was accomplished without killing or displacing any American Indians.

It is imperative that those among us who cherish liberty and the right to defend our homes and loved ones understand that continuing support of a political solution to those who threaten the above is giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

A criminal/tyrant seeks to have us disarmed for obvious reasons: it is much easier to steal from and/or enslave a disarmed man/woman than it is one who is armed with the means and the determination to protect their property and to remain free.

The cowardly, the ignorant, and educated fools, ignore history and believe that law enforcement can protect all from harm, even though the police are only minutes away when help is needed immediately. The book, Dial 911 and Die, is a detailed, accurate history of those who believed in the fairy tale of protection by LE and died learning the terrible truth.

Will we submit to tyrants, criminals and educated fools, or will we remain a free people? The folks of character where I live have made that decision, have you?