Blagojevich and the Golden Cornflakes


Something over a week ago, I questioned here whom Illinois Governor Blagojevich upset so much in the criminal enterprise called government that a concerted effort began to oust him. Readers offered a variety of scenarios, which only led to more questions.

A great majority believes the governor was ousted for asking Illinois government agencies to suspend doing business with the Bank of America.

I can sometimes better understand things if I reduce them to their lowest denominator. If I were to become unhappy with the service at my local bank, went in and informed the manager I would no longer being doing business with them, and the next day was arrested by the local sheriff for doing that which is customary and previously accepted in the performance of my job, one thing would become immediately apparent. I would know that the bank owns the local sheriff and is the real power in my area. It is not hard to transfer the lesson learned here to national scale.

I must admit when Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. rushed to inform the world he had made no deals with Blagojevich, my first thought was to Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act 3 Scene 2: "(He) doth protest too much methinks."

Now, we are hearing of Rahm Emanuel, former Clintonite, current Congressman from Illinois, and newly ordained Chief of Staff for president-elect Obama, being recorded on many of the conversations with Blagojevich. Although there has been nothing leaked as yet about the content of those conversations, reports indicate Emanuel sought the vacant senate seat appointment for Valerie Jarrett within a certain timeframe. What, if anything, did Emanuel offer Blagojevich for this appointment?

Does the fallout between Blagojevich and his father-in-law, Chicago city Alderman and Illinois Democratic Party heavyweight, Richard Mell, play into this fiasco?

This follow-up would be incomplete without addressing the connection between Blagojevich and Obama’s appointee to be Attorney General, Eric Holder. Blagojevich had previously sought to employ Holder as a "special investigator to the Illinois Gaming Board." Holder forgot to list this meeting and TV appearance on his confirmation documents to the US Senate, but quickly said he would amend his paperwork once the oversight was discovered.

Where will this whole mess shakeout considering the former association of both Obama and Blagojevich with now convicted felon Tony Rezko? Rezko was listed as a fundraiser for both politicians and held an option to lease a hotel site at one of the sites to be selected for the proposed casino, a site that would have been in Holder’s purview to select if he had assumed the job of Blagojevich’s "special investigator" for the Illinois Gaming Board.

Then, one must question what role former U.S. Department of Justice Special Council and US Attorney for Chicago, Robert Fitzpatrick plays in this drama. It would appear Fitzpatrick rushed to judgment in arresting Blagojevich, making the arrest before he made his case. Standard operating procedure is to compile evidence, present the evidence to a judge, obtain an arrest warrant and then arrest the suspect. We get this from the man who took eons investigating the Valerie Plame case? I know the answer everyone will give to this question is: Fitzpatrick had to move quickly before a successor to Obama was appointed. Why, exactly was this important? Do people who rob a bank and get caught, get to keep the money?

The Supreme Court would have been glad to appoint someone to the vacant senate seat if improprieties in the appointment were discovered; after all the precedent has been set.

Take a look at the expertise of Mr. Fitzpatrick: he took mountains of evidence that Inspector Clouseau and Barney Fife could have used to indict practically the entire Bush administration and several members of the media with and was only able to indict and convict Scooter Libby, who had his prison sentence commuted by one of the suspects in the case, (George W. Bush) who just happens to be the man who appointed Fitzgerald to his job as U.S. Attorney. Where is my tin-foil hat?

Interesting, is it not, to watch these so-called "legal bulldogs" who overzealously pursue the destruction of the very foundations of liberty, morph into fuzzy little lapdogs when it comes to investigating the crimes committed by members of the criminal cabal that gave them birth?

I’m sure, in the interest of fair play; we will soon be provided copies of the wiretapped conversations of New York Governor Paterson and all the representatives of the Kennedy political machine as they seek to convince the governor he needs to appoint Caroline Kennedy to Hillary’s vacated senate seat. We can rest assured those negotiations will have no quid pro quo agreements that would benefit the governor in any fashion; right?

Hang on folks; there are many more hands to be played before this card game is over!