It's the eve of the solstice,        and all thru the place not one bank is breathing,        not even the caisse.

The Failures are lined up        for the money to flow, in the hopes that John-Maynard        can salvage their show.

Inflation is king, "Our wars must go on, we need endless bubbles…        bad credit's all gone!"

The Pols and the Bank-Frauds        are scared for us all u2018cause they're losing their cars,        their wives and their thrall.

Deflation's their worry,        corrections they fear. It robs them of power,        when real value's quite clear.

The Treasury & Fed        will help all they can by inflating our greenbacks;        it's the simplest plan:

We fictitiously spend        the air they create and our markets rebound        before it's too late.

The problem they miss,        as always they do, is that the market decides:        me, all of us, with you.

We know that metals        will help us all more than spending their air-notes        & the paper of yore.

We've had drachmai and kwanzas,        continentals and marks. Paper money's close to hell;        we all clearly see sparks.

This market correction        is good for us all, well except for Bernanke        Obama, Hank-Paul.

They'll seize much more power        to cover their bums, so let's all just be ready        for worse times yet to come.

When it's all over        my son, we'll be fine. We'll finally have peace for a moment of time.

Until that day's here        remember just this: Always think for yourself,        no, no, no parti pris

If times become hard,        then first principles rule. Care for your family        friends, neighbors and you.

Be true to your word,        your mind, and your soul. Be true to yourself;        always strive for your goal

Love'n charity are powers        entrenched powers despise, u2018cause they can't control outcomes        that free people devise.

So dance how you will,        but step on no toes. The market breeds peace;        so convert market foes.

Enjoy this great spectacle,        & remember these four: Hope, joy, peace and love.        May you have these & more…

Peace to all, worldwide.

December 11, 2008

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