No Thanks To Dave Camp and Other Non-Representatives


Really, I am beside myself with anger and disappointment. I have spent much time these last days, calling my senators and representative, reminding them that they swore to uphold the Constitution and to represent the People; pointing out that the People were voting via phone calls, emails, letters, trips to congressional offices — local, regional, and in DC. The congressman who said that constituent feedback was running 50/50: "50% are saying NO, while the other 50% are saying HELL NO," nailed it.

I am thrilled that the Bailout was voted down, and I sincerely thank everyone who voted "Nay." But…I am angry with all of those who voted for the bill against the wishes of the People; and I am disgusted with those who maintain that the People just don’t understand; need to be better educated; need to watch the market drop and shed tears for fears. I am sickened by those who promise to rewrite the legislation and try, yet again, to get it past the American People buy, harass, and threaten enough unconstitutional representatives (excuse me while I use my airbag, as Michelle Malkin does) to pass their creepy Socialism on the Sneak.

The American People are against any and every Bailout. Why is that so difficult to understand? The messages from millions of constituents have given precisely that message! Apparently, we have sent some very hard-of-hearing; ill-informed; cocky-as-hell; economic-moronic; princely-pruned people to Congress. Or, does DC just naturally turn the less-intelligent senators and representatives into idiots once they arrive in town? Unfortunately, for the stability and the future of this nation, the IDIOTS IN DC perceive We the People as downright stupid. Representative Lungren, R-CA, openly suggested that constituents are merely children who have never learned to swim. He stressed how, when he was a lifeguard, he never let such unskilled individuals near the pools. How irksome, and how demeaning. I resent the implication but you, sir, resemble it!

This morning I phoned Representative Dave Camp’s DC office, as well as his Michigan office, to ask how the congressman intended to vote on the Bailout. I was told that he was looking through the legislation and was trying to decide. (What?) I pointed out that Camp need not even read the document for he already knew how his constituents expected him to vote in order to represent them. Again, I listed the reasons why any bailout would be a bad decision, and I reinforced my expectation that he accurately and honestly represent the people of his Michigan district.

Shortly after the Bailout was voted down, I phoned Representative Camp’s DC office to thank him for voting "Nay" — only to learn that he had voted "Yea." I was stunned. I was told that "he felt" that was best for the people. I left the message that voters had sent him to DC to respond to them; to listen to them; to represent them; but never to "feel" what he thinks is best for them. How dare Camp, as well as the other Bailout Sellouts, to arrogantly ignore the wishes of the People, How foolish, especially now that it is becoming obvious that We the People have a better working knowledge of economic principles and how they relate to Human Action than these pseudo leaders could ever fathom, let alone think through and draw conclusions!

Dave Camp is running for reelection this November, and so I assured the aide that I would now erect a large sign — in my yard that most voters pass on the way to vote — that will read, "VOTE AGAINST CAMP! HE VOTED AGAINST YOU!" I explained the fairness involved when elected officials finally getting a Feel for how it Feels when a vote fails to go the way that they want.

My husband has long assured me that, "What goes around, comes around," but my complaint has often been that I want to want to live to see justice! This time…I hopefully will. I will vote this year, after all, but I will pull only one lever — for an opponent of the representative who failed to represent me. Then I will hurry home to place floodlights and neon sparklers around my "Vote Against" yard sign. Hmmm. I wonder if one of my former students would don an Uncle Sam costume and stand out there to beckon…

I sincerely hope that every American will confirm the votes of their elected representatives and senators then…respond accordingly and appropriately. We must hold elected officials accountable to the People! This fraudulent government has gotten much too far out of hand. A friend says that I should not take it personally, but if I do not take it personally, and if I do not begin to turn the tide near home, the situation will only worsen until America is totally lost. I do NOT want to leave a mess for my son! I do not want him left in debt to the government. I do not want him left with a non-representative government. I do not want him spied on; discounted; despised; negated; or treated like the citizens of This Perfect Day.

I do not want any of the generations cheated, harmed and diminished by the sick outcomes of Socialism on the Sneak.