Marching Through Georgia


What is the difference between the two Georgias? In 1861 Georgia seceded from a union and after four years of bloodshed was forcibly pulled back into the union. It suffered almost 100 years of poverty as punishment. In 1992 the other Georgia seceded from a union and got away with it, but 2 little counties (provinces) seceded from Georgia. The counties were given passports and a militia was armed and trained by their big friends to the north (2nd amendment anyone?). After 17 years the governor (President) of Georgia decided to go and make them come back home. He invaded the breakaway redneck counties (provinces) with his new highly trained and equipped army uniformed in US Marine camouflage with desert boots, all of whom were combat vets (?) from Iraq. His rough and tough army rocketed and mortared the county seat (Provincial Capital) and killed hundreds of old people who were unable to run to the safety of their cousins to the north. His little army met a bunch of 15 to 50 year old militia men who stopped them cold! Then the big ol' bad guys from the north came in and kicked him back out of the little redneck county (province).

The governor whined and screamed to the US who whined and screamed to NATO who whined and screamed to the UN who did nothing. The good old boys from Georgia ran so fast the hounds couldn't catch 'em and left their big guns and rockets behind. They then complained that the bad bullies from the north were too big for them (What about them picking on the little county militia?). The big bad guys now say they had an election and the county rednecks voted to join them. So what is the difference between the two Georgias? Nothing!

When a group of people who speak a different language, have a different religion or just hate the other fellow why not just let them leave? Outside military support usually means the difference between breaking away or not. There are false (Made up) countries all over the world with two or more groups who detest each other. Where are they? All countries in Africa have colonial borders across tribal lines, any wars there lately? Afghanistan's borders were drawn to split the Pashtun tribe, any problems there? Belgium was created to give a stupid prince a kingdom after the Napoleon lost at Waterloo, it has two different languages and the productive Flemish are tired of paying for the lazy French speakers, a split is coming soon. Great Britain has three groups left after the Irish got away, the Scotch, the Welsh, and the English some of whom really don't care for each other. The Scotch are close to voting for freedom. Yugoslavia has three revolts and all three are now independent. The province of Kosovo is not a different country, Albanian wetbacks slipped in and when Serbia tried to kick the Albanians and their drug running bosses out, NATO whined to the US to bomb the Serbians civilians back to the Iron Age. Did the warplanes even hit a military target besides a train full of women and children? India was a bunch of little separate kingdoms until the Brits put them together and when they left in 1947 hell broke loose as all the religions tried to kill each other so it was split into three countries who still hate each other.

The US has some big problems; look at the red and blue states and you'll see where they are and how different the people are. The elected officials from the red states are detested by the many of the blue states and I guarantee the many in the red states hate the blue state's elected. Why not let the US divide like Czechoslovakia, the only country to divide without a civil war. The Czech Republic and Slovakia are now friends and trading partners.

Will we see more rebellions and revolts in the near future, yes and almost all will be accompanied by war until we let everyone go their own way.

September 1, 2008