• Dinesh D. Souza and the NeoCon Virtue

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    For someone who so openly defends Christianity, Dinesh D. Souza has the same talent to diminish its stature. In a recent article, Dinesh lambastes John Edwards for his extramarital affair. He outlays his grievances amongst not only Edwards, but Spitzer, and Clinton as well.

    Sadly, he doesn’t mention Larry Craig or Mark Foley. Who’s to blame Dinesh? With so many adulterers, pedophiles, and prostitutes in Washington, it takes all day to mention just the Democrats. The Republicans will surely have to wait for his next fine piece.

    My agreement sides with Mr. Souza in many ways. Yes, the Democrats have committed irreprehensible acts. But more disturbing is Dinesh’s own evaluation of a politician’s role,

    "There are many problems with this, but perhaps the most obvious is that there are certain jobs, like governor and president, where being an example and representing a dignified office are part of the job description. Unlike a carpenter or a broker, a president doesn’t just do things but he also stands for things. Pastors and presidents cannot afford to be moral reprobates because then they dishonor their position and the people they lead and represent."

    So now pastors and presidents are on the same moral ground. Really? One group are men of God spreading peace, love for your fellow man, and Christianity. The other spreads death, war profiting, taxation, vote trading, subsidies to corporations, welfare, abortion, oppression, discrimination, and intolerance. There is absolutely nothing in common at all between a pastor and a politician, Mr. Souza.

    What truly shows the evil of a politician is not their personal life, but their professional life. Can someone look at John Edward’s political record of taxation and redistribution or his previous life as a trial lawyer and say "this is a good man"? Those who have pursued an analytical perspective of politics don’t need a marital scandal to realize the villainy of political ways. Can Dinesh show me one member of Congress other than Ron Paul not prostituting themselves out to lobbyists or darker forces still?

    And what’s this talk of unsanctified carpenters and brokers. Last I checked, Christ was a carpenter. And broker, most I know possess reputations necessitating reliability and honesty. One of those two traits is certainly a hindrance in the "holy" political realm.

    The true foundations of America come from the youth getting their examples from those around them. Their fathers working overtime shifts at the factory or working on papers sun-up to sun-down and still finding the time to make it to church and care for their family. These are the real role models empowering our society creating actual value and wealth instead of stealing from one cluster of taxpayers in order to redistribute to your own constituents. I can assure Mr. Souza that such men don’t "just do things but…also stands for things."

    When our children begin to view government positions as models to follow, then we will know our freedom has ended. In many impoverished countries around the world, the youth either dream of acquiring a government post above the rest or leaving entirely for America. This perspective of opportunistic rent-seeking elevated by government worship has perpetuated a vicious cycle in those areas. The most talented leave and rest stick around to victimize others in the political process.

    Our children need to pursue entrepreneurship, home ownership through hard work, and wealth creation for themselves and their families. America’s future needs to dream of becoming the next doctor inventing cures, the next small business owner taking pride in his shop, and the next Bill Gates rising to the top. These visions have made America great and continue to do so. I pity the child looking to politics for an example to lead his destiny.

    Success in the political field does not come from accomplishing tasks and building real value. The best politician is the best hustler around and nothing more. Our political leaders are far from the most knowledgeable individuals on law, foreign policy, or economics. "Best man for the job" does not apply here.

    The Bible equivocates prostitutes and sinners with tax collectors (Mathew 21:32, Mathew 9:10). Politics does not necessitate the rock of moral fortitude but instead the shifting sands of moral flexibility. Representatives driving those tax collectors and commanding their unholy collections are our "leaders" on the Left and Right. A modern-day politician on his best personal behavior is still a hell-cat compared to the common citizen.

    These men are none to be idolized and worshipped but are instead rascals and rats. In God’s eyes, they fall face-flat on their self-proclaimed moral plateau on a daily basis. True enough to Dinesh’s view; the liberal virtue may be ignoring personal faults of politicians. The NeoCon virtue is certainly ignoring their moral fissures on the political end.

    Vedran Vuk [send him mail] has a bachelor degree of economics from Loyola University of New Orleans, and was a 2006 Summer Fellow at the Mises Institute. He is currently pursuing a doctorate of economics at George Mason University. He has contributed two chapters to the upcoming first-ever Ron Paul biography, Ron Paul: A Life, coming out in early September 2008. Discuss this article and others on his new blog.

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