The Power of One


Yes, the Power of One is real. However, it is very difficult for modern Americans to believe that one person can make a difference at any level above the family. We find such an idea inconceivable because the schools, and the government, have worked overtime to make sure that both children and adults feel powerless. It does, indeed, seem improbable, even impossible, that one person could hold enough power to bring about changes in that government, society, values, schools, churches, religion, educational policies, but the fact still exists.

I rarely watch movies that contain violence, and the sport of boxing has left me cold, but Braveheart and The Power of One are two of my very favorite films. For those who doubt that one person can bring about change, do watch these movies. Read the book, The Power of One, and attend closely to the character, P.K., as a child and at each stage of his life. Read about William Wallace and meet a very noble man. Both of their stories are real, and Bryce Courtenay is still living. Stories such these may help us believe, and even predict the Potential Power of Palin.

Some will point out that different, simpler, more honorable times, provided people like Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Robert E. Lee, and many other wonderful Americans, with opportunities to contribute their ideas and lead for change in ways that today’s America would never allow. True, but change is still possible.

Change is available to us, and needed, especially in times like these when the Constitution and Bill of Rights have been trampled and undermined; when King George the Inept rules by personal decree; when the culture around us is decaying at a rapid rate. However, change is not always positive and all too often negative changes seem to beget more of the same. Consider Madeline O’Hair and the nihilistic agenda she advocated; the unprincipled changes she managed to shove down the throats of Americans even as they objected. I send her a special thought of censure each time I hear that another clueless community has voted to remove the Nativity; to wish people "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas." (Hint for the unknowing: "Holiday" = holy + day. Change Y to I and add the ending "day.") Mrs. O’Hair attacked the religious beliefs and warped the values and morals of America. Sadly, her poison continues, even in her absence, and spreads through the land. The power of one ambitious, evil person is truly frightening.

Bill Clinton. The number of ways that he violated the trust placed in him as President of the United States, plus the role that he played in twisting and warping the English language, surely pushed America’s definition of morality into this seemingly permanent downslide.

Clinton dumped filth on America, and the unconscionable Media quickly swept the dirt from sea to shining sea, using every means possible, with no concern at all for the children and youth of this nation. If for no other reason, the Clintons should never be forgiven for trashing the morals of America, teaching by example. Yes, what do words/phrases such as — truth, lie, u2018Swear on the Bible’, sex, love, fidelity, infidelity, oath, is! — now convey about values in America? They convey whatever people now want the words to convey in this feel good/look bad, anything goes, culture. Clinton used the Power of One to move the American culture closer to depravity.

I have always believed that one person is capable of bringing about change, and that a small group of committed individuals is capable of bringing about miracles, but I grew up at the side of my mother, Doris Cutler Sneary Regnier. I listened closely as a group of parents demanded educational programs for special needs children, working together with vision, determination, tenacity, and a bit of Puck’s magic. There is a marvelous story which was once used on the cover of a catalogue from LinguiSystems, (a company started by some ladies I worked with in Bettendorf / Davenport / Maquoketa, Iowa) and it has been my support as I fight to improve educational choices and quality for the illiterate and those with other special needs.

One day, an old man was walking along the beach, stopping often to lean over, pick up a starfish — one of hundreds that had been washed up by the tide — and throw it back into the water. Some observers were amazed at the massive job that the old man had assumed and finally they approached him to say, "There are so many of them! You will never be able to get them all back to safety. You are wasting your time to make no difference."

The old man leaned over, picked up one more starfish and threw it out to sea. Then he looked at his accusers and said, "I made a difference to that one."

I believe that Governor Sarah Palin can make a difference to all of us; actually many differences; whether her party wins or loses. Power resides in any one person who has committed to making the world a better place. Sarah Palin has the insight and the intelligence to recognize problems; the courage to speak the truth and expose the unworthy; the motivation to work towards change; and tenacity to hang on like a pit bull until the project is completed and all of the paperwork is done.

Last night I was working on my computer, almost ignoring the television which was on mainly the serve as "company" since I am alone in Florida for health reasons. Suddenly, I realized that someone was speaking about some changes that interested me, and the voice was neither that of Ron Paul nor of Sarah Palin. I glanced up and was absolutely shocked to see a smiling, excited, energized John McCain! Not only did he appear to be invested in his topic, he looked like he had stopped by the hospital to fill up with a quart or two of good, healthy O+ blood! He actually looked alive and his skin had lost its death pallor — that which matches the complexion of the Body Snatchers of movie fame.

As I listened to his comments, I found myself thinking that… John McCain is starting to sound more like Sarah Palin, than….Sarah Palin would ever sound like John McCain!

I therefore find it unbelievable that anyone, of any party or no party, would be so lacking in trust and hope that they would plant unwarranted fear of the Palin family into the minds of others! Such a media blitz is especially revolting in light of the cultural decay proudly brought to us by the media as it accompanied the Arkansas Piper as he blew bubbles of slime from his flute. Yes, the media joyfully danced with our fraudulent Puck as he threw ACD (Arrows of Cultural Destruction), instead of magic dust. I fail to understand those who gave the Clintons a pass, but now gossip, mislabel, and attempt to destroy a decent family. Have they become so accustomed to evil, that they fear good?

Some immediately concluded that Gov. Palin had sold her soul; that she had instantly changed her character from good, to evil, but I encourage everyone to reconsider such suggestions. Women rarely change. A woman of good character will stay that way for life. Those women who appear to be exceptions to this rule either A) never were of good character but hid that fact behind well-designed "window dressings" or B) have been deeply mistreated, abused, used, and hurt by men of bad character. Maybe some men misjudge women by measuring females against those men’s own purchasable consciences… .

Walter Block made an excellent case for supporting Sarah Palin, a woman of fine character. I write to encourage readers to consider the probable future of America if it stays on its present crooked course. Without someone to correct fatal mistakes; redirect the nation from wrong paths taken; reverse bad decisions made by courts, elected officials, and kings, America will soon become one more empire to self-destruct — culturally, morally, financially, civically. In all truth, I had already given America up for lost; had already counted to 9 and was ready to slap the mat… when Mrs. Palin appeared on the scene. She just may hold the Power of One and be our stay of execution; our breath of fresh air; America’s chance to get it right.

America is fortunate to have a person of Sarah Palin’s caliber who is willing to run for office; work hard for change, and subject herself to media abuse. I say that we give her chance; let her prove herself. Really, a career cannot be judged until it is actually over. Let us reach up and give her a hand — both in welcome, and to offer support.

We really have no other to send in her stead.