• Fighting Back as Free Americans

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    I began writing
    everyday online about five years ago. Before that, I was a reader
    and never paid a whole lot of attention to what I was reading. I
    have to admit that like millions of other readers, I assumed that
    what was being presented in the mass media must be the truth. Wow!
    Was I wrong.

    Once I began
    writing and doing my own research, putting together articles and
    educational pieces for readers interested in the meat and potatoes
    of the hunting, fishing and outdoor world, I soon realized that
    it was "monkey see, monkey do," all over the media world.

    An example
    of this comes from the Associated Press, a world-wide news organization
    that sells and distributes its stories. Whatever they write, thousands
    of other outlets simply copy and paste their information into the
    columns of their papers and online sites. The world reads them and
    believes the information to be accurate.

    Without getting
    into whether or not the AP knowingly prints false information, we
    must be reminded that a lot of what is printed was handed them by
    public relations personnel within businesses and organizations all
    across this planet, each with an agenda and no one interested in
    verifying information.

    Some of us
    are fighting back. For too long, hunters, fishermen, outdoor nuts,
    etc. have spent so much time enjoying what we love to do outdoors,
    those who dislike what we do have had their way for too long, working
    through various channels, many of which are lawsuits, to put a stop
    to such things as hunting, trapping, access to public lands, etc.

    One of the
    tools that has become a handy instrument for these special interest
    groups, is the manipulation and outright abuse of the Endangered
    Species Act. In the early 1970s, Congress signed into law this act
    that was intended as a means of assuring that no longer would we
    as a species be allowed to stand idly by while we watched another
    species run extinct. Great were the intentions.

    Like with most
    laws, people found ways of taking advantage of this Act and began
    to use it to gain an upper hand in the promotion of their personal
    agendas. Now, things have gotten out of control. No longer is there
    much common sense in our courts. Special interests and judges are
    willing and seemingly quite eager to watch Americans suffer personal
    loss and be stripped of their property rights, all under the guise
    of saving the environment.

    Anyone would
    have had to be living in complete isolation to not know of some
    of which I speak – spotted owls, wolves, polar and grizzly
    bears, only to name a few. It has gotten so bad that it seems we
    are willing to kill one species while attempting to save another.

    A perfect example
    of this is the reintroduction of the gray wolf into portions of
    Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Aside from the fact that the act itself
    may well have been illegal (introduction of a non-native species),
    what was sold to the American people 15 years ago and what has transpired
    are worlds apart.

    Wolf recovery
    has been emotional and political. We had to believe that our scientists
    used the best available science to determine at what point recovery
    of the wolf would be deemed successful. Now that we have exceeded
    the goals set forth for full recovery, some animal rights groups
    don't agree with that science and are suing to stop the delisting.
    In the meantime, in the name of saving the wolf, the human species
    stands idly by watching as other species are destroyed. In places
    the elk population has dwindled to near extinction as well as mule
    deer and moose. Wolves are running unchecked and unmanaged, bringing
    with them destruction and the spread of disease.

    These are only
    the obvious species being negatively affected by politics and personal
    agendas, while disregarding what science is telling us.

    In this seemingly
    sick love affair of promoting a Disney-like wilderness, untouched
    by human hands, thousands of Americans are being affected each and
    every day. Property destroyed and people put in danger because activist
    judges love wolves too and will do anything to make sure they are
    not harmed.

    Recently, a
    Montana judge granted a temporary injunction putting the gray wolf
    back under protection of the Endangered Species Act. It is clear,
    reading the judge's ruling, that he selected aspects of science
    and the Endangered Species Act to fit a decision we wanted for an

    Our priorities
    are skewed. Animals have more rights than humans, ignorance abounds,
    rights are ignored and the American people's dreams are being snatched
    from them.

    Some see this
    movement toward a "natural" form of wildlife management
    as good and a result of a progressive society in which it sees killing
    of animals as a bad thing, that society has no place for hunting.
    Our biased and ignorant media have taken the bait, hook line and
    sinker and eagerly passes on to unknowing readers information riddled
    with lies and not backed by science, much due to the failure of
    them to do their jobs well. Then when science is presented, the
    people have already been brainwashed by the well-fed media.

    It's time to
    fight back. I have watched over the past five years as more and
    more Americans are beginning to speak up to protect their way of
    life, their heritage of hunting, trapping and fishing as taught
    them by their fathers and saying, enough is enough. Let's hope it's
    not too late. No longer should we sit and watch while small but
    very vocal and well-funded organizations dictate to us how we will

    This is America,
    land of the free and home of the brave. Isn't it time we began acting
    like that again?

    18, 2008

    K. Remington [send him mail]
    is Vice President of Skinny Moose Media, LLC, Managing Editor of
    U.S. Hunting Today and author of the Black
    Bear Blog

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