Hidden From Public View – the Truth About Wolves


My latest project was in-depth study on the wolf reintroduction in America. The journey I took to discover the truth about the wolves uncovered several facts that have been hidden from public view. But more importantly, I discovered a few facts about public officials that I believe hold true for government at all levels.

  1. An elitist attitude of “we are the educated ones and you peasants must do what we say."
  2. A strong-arm enforcement policy ready to crush any oppressed person who dares to stand up to the elite.
  3. A propensity to revise history to fit the agenda. For example, in several newspaper archives I found reference to over 100 people who were killed and eaten by wolves. Yet, the mantra emanating from the eco-environmentalists’ camps is that there has never been a documented case where a wolf has killed a human.
  4. Elitist attitudes that laws must not be followed to the letter, but, instead, can be manipulated. For example, the Mexican gray wolf being introduced isn’t a purebred. It’s actually a hybrid with dog, coyote, and Kansas wolf bloodline mixed in.
  5. A media willing to be the Federal officials propaganda machine, i.e. who dutifully report all the propaganda provided to them by the manipulating rewilders.
  6. Psychotic environmentalist groups whose real goal is to wipe out most of America for the good of everything other than human beings.

Let’s break it down and explain each Point.

  1. You peasants must do what we say. The residents of Blue Arizona circulated a petition. All 100% of the citizens who signed it clearly stated they weren’t interested in becoming part of a wolf recovery area and wanted no wolves reintroduced there. This was ignored by the USFWS and wolves were shoved down the throat of the citizens. Peasants are only supposed to support the multi-million dollar waste of tax dollars and never tell the elite, “No." None of the people I spoke with in Blue Arizona feel free to decide what’s best for them. Instead, they feel more like Germans being told to work in the bomb factories for Hitler.
  2. The Gestapo tactics of the Federal officials in New Mexico is well known. Take a look at Henry Lamb’s synopsis of the over-the-top tactics used by Federal Forest Service workers against Kit Laney and his 14-year-old son, Albert.

“According to Kit, a law-enforcement officer approached young Albert Laney, a passenger in Kit’s vehicle, pointed his finger at Albert and said, “I’m a law-enforcement officer, and we’re going to get you, too.”

“The Laneys, on the other hand, are the little guys, who want nothing more than to continue living where their ancestors settled in 1883, doing what their ancestors have done for more than a century. They have invested their life building their ranch to pass on to their children. The tragedy is that if the big guys succeed in taking the property and life work of several generations of Laneys, they can also take the property and life work of every other Western rancher whose livestock graze on so-called public land. If the Laneys can halt this confiscation and taking of private property, or force the government to pay for what they are taking, then, perhaps, the big guys will have to rethink whether they can afford the cost…”

That the tactics of the Feds serve as an example to other peasants is typified by the action, or lack thereof, of another 14-year-old who was surrounded by a pack of vicious wolves while elk hunting. During the 5 minute stand off with the alpha male directly in front of him and the rest of the pack on both sides of him, the teenager feared for his life. When asked why he didn’t shoot the offending wolves, he didn’t hesitate a second and replied, “I didn’t want my dad to lose his ranch like they did to Kit (Laney).”

It’s pretty bad in America, don’t you think, when a young man has to decide whether to defend his own life or cave in to the Gestapo actions of the Federal government that might wipe out the family ranch?

So what exactly is the penalty for shooting one of the prize, cross-breed mutts called Mexican gray wolf? Violations of the federal Endangered Species Act can invoke criminal penalties up to $100,000 and/or six months in jail, or a civil penalty of up to $100,000.

  1. Revising history. Until recently, the rewilders insisted that “despite claims to the contrary, we have no evidence of wolf attacks against humans in North America." Now the disclaimer has been revised to read “despite claims to the contrary, we have no evidence of wolf attacks against humans in the United States."

Why the change? It was necessary because over recent years, there have been several incidents of wolf attacks on humans in Canada, including a lethal one.

    Emily Wright recovering from her attack.    

Here is a picture of a young lady recovering from a 2005 Labor Day weekend wolf attack in Canada. If this were your 14-year-old daughter, how would you feel? In this case, the wolf also repeatedly attacked several other people on a public beach, including a 3 year old girl.

In an unrelated 2005 incident, which also occurred in Canada, a young man was stalked by a pack of wolves and though he struggled to survive, his partially eaten body was recovered by co-workers who chased off the wolves. The offending wolves were later found and killed and it was learned that they were “healthy," not suffering from some malady that caused them to look for an easy meal.

Following are just two accounts from newspaper archives of lethal attacks on children by wolves:

Oct 30th – Mr. Jenson’s 4-year-old son died – daughter injured. The wolves had attacked several people along the road. But Oct 30th was a dread day for the parents. They heard the terrifying screams of their young children. The father, armed with a shotgun, raced to help. He was too late; his 4-year-old son was torn to pieces and dead. The pack was now working on his 6-year-old daughter, but he was able to drive them off, saving her. She had several scratches and bites on her arms from fighting off the vicious wolves. (Bismarck Tribune – 10/31/1891)

St. Paul. Minnesota – 3 children killed and eaten by wolves. These are the large vicious gray wolves from Northern Minnesota. The pack was seen fighting over the remains of the 3 children. The children had wandered into the woods by the twin cities. No one knows the final terror these poor children felt as the savage beasts ripped the life out of them. Men taking a shortcut found the wolves and left to get help. Upon returning with a number of armed men, the beasts would not leave until 2 were shot. Once driven off the grizzly scene, the 3 partially eaten children were found. A huge hunting party was formed. (Janesville Gazette – 11/19/1891)

It appears the so-called “experts” have lied to the American people about how safe wolves are around children. Apparently, once you have a doctorate in wolf biology, it’s okay to lie.

  1. Elitist attitudes that laws must not be followed to the letter, but, instead, can be manipulated.

According to the Endangered Species Act, only purebred species can be use to re-establish populations. An exception is apparently made when it comes to the wolf. Introducing hybrids is okay because, once again, the experts claim those wolves are really Mexican gray wolves. As one noted scientist (from overseas) stated to me when discussing the purported "purebreds," "…you means those mutts with radio collars in New Mexico.”

  1. A media willing to push the propaganda of the Federal officials, i.e. Who dutifully report all the propaganda provided to them by the manipulating rewilders.

Those who are reintroducing wolves throughout America claim to “understand how local citizens could be concerned and, in collaboration with partners, develop and distribute ‘public safety’ information." In reality, much of the "public safety" information is carefully crafted to alleviate people’s concern; it’s hype, spin, and hogwash, which is fed to mass media outlets, but the media takes it as gospel and reports it as the gospel truth without doing any investigation on its own.

Though my film, “UNDUE BURDEN: the real cost of living with wolves," has been widely distributed throughout southwestern “wolf re-introduction” country, only one mass media reporter has taken the time to call me to discuss the validity of the rewilders’ claims.

  1. Psychotic environmentalist groups whose real goal is to wipe out most of America for the good of everything other than human beings.

What the leaders of the Environmentalist groups are really saying isn’t hard to find with a little online research. Back in 1996, elitist Ted Turner stated in an interview with Audubon Magazine that “A total population of 250–300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal."

Who appointed the pro-wolf cultists to be God; to decide who lives and who dies? This sounds like something out of Stalinist Russia.

Here’s a quote Holly Swanson included in her book, Set Up & Sold Out: Find Out What Green Really Means: “this is true in the struggle to save the environment…we must be the organizers, the leaders of these movements…Human society cannot basically stop the destruction of the environment under capitalism. Socialism is the only structure that makes it possible” – Gus Hall, National Chairman of the US Communist Party.

There you have it, folks, in black in white and clear as day. The leaders have stated they want 95% of the human race, including your family, wiped out, extinct, slaughtered and killed off. The only way they can do this is under the Communist system.

When you support the wolf reintroduction program, make an effort to understand who and what you’re supporting. Ask yourself if you’re supporting America, the home of the brave and land of the free, or if you’re really supporting gulags and the iron fist of communism being slammed down by radical eco-environmentalists and their federal and state natural resource agency “partners."

On July 4, 2008 I attended the Ron Paul Freedom Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. One of the speakers was Russell Means from the American Indian Movement. In his speech he told about the American Indians’ struggle against the U.S. government. He then made one very important statement – “the U.S. government is now trying to drive the rural homeowner and ranchers off their lands across rural America. Just like the native Americans before them, the rural Americans are now considered the new Indians. How does it feel to be the New Indians?”

August 7, 2008