We Were Not Ready


Dedicated to Dr. Ron Paul and R3volutionaries Everywhere

We were not ready.

He offered us an empty hand. An open and honest hand, concealing nothing. No blade behind the fingers. No magic, no artful coin tricks, To dazzle and distract us. We were not ready. His words, plain and spare as Texas flatland. The one who does not lie Has no need of honey To sweeten a viper tongue. He promised all he could give, And all that we needed, Which was nothing. We were not ready.

He stood amid the crashing towers Of a falling empire, And suggested we stand aside And let them fall. He told us we have no need Of playing gods, kings or conquerors. We are only men and women, Like all men and women, And that is enough. We were not ready.

He would have led us nowhere, Our nonsavior, our uncrusading anti-emperor, Freeing us at last from this weary, aimless march. Emptying the prisons and the battlefields, Leaving each man to his own life. We were not ready.

His fight was for peace. His revolution was for love. His doctrine was free humanity. His highest law was liberty.

By following his nature, He exposed the hordes of liars. False priests of all factions Have lost their flocks. The heart knows the truth, Though it roils the mind. Now that we have heard, how could we forget? How could we accept the old familiar lies?

He awoke a hunger No illusion can quench. He did not need us, But we needed him.

We are not gods or kings or conquerors, Only men and women, like all men and women. What has begun cannot be stopped. The truth, once heard, cannot be unheard.

The newborn Revolution, decentralized and protean, Shifts form, grows stronger, spreads its wings. We have played the game their way. Now, we begin to play it ours.

One day, we will be ready.

May 17, 2008