Manifesto Destiny


I may not be first, but I predict Ron Paul’s new book The Revolution: A Manifesto will be a runaway best seller. A frightening thing for the other candidates: they haven’t done their homework. They will have nothing to offer at examination time when the American People ask: "What have You written lately — and how does it relate to restoring and protecting our Original Liberties and God-Given Rights?" They can cram if they wish, by reading some of Dr. Paul’s other books. Even if they cannot agree with anything in Dr. Paul’s new book it may be a good idea for all of them to read it very carefully, because we will all have to deal with the principles sooner or later. "Facts are stubborn things," said John Adams.

What are they afraid of?

What would be so terrible about returning America to the Rule of Law Under the Constitution? Would it be such a dreadful thing? Can it be done? Would it destroy the economy? How can we know? Truth is, the Constitution, though alien to the mindset of most Americans, is still the supreme Law of the Land. — Article VI, Clause 2. And we are wise to consult this Compass constantly to determine if we are on the right heading. Are we moving away from the Constitution toward tyranny and despotism or are we moving toward the Constitution and the Liberty with Prosperity that would attend Lawful, Limited Government. Shall we be ruled by an elite or governed by ourselves through our own written laws?

"In free Governments the rulers are the servants, and the people their superiors & sovereigns." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Dr. Paul is teaching us to read and learn our own Constitutions and Laws.

We have no king; no dictator — and we acknowledge no human being as "Leader of the Free World [an oxymoron]" You can check the Constitution and you will not find "Leader of the Free World" listed under the lawful duties of the President. The relative length of Articles I, II, and III are worthy of consideration. Article I is longer by far than the other two. This is not for nothing. It speaks of the limited powers we delegated to the Congress — and its powers include the authority to remove presidents and judges. Think of this the next time you see some "arm twisting" or bullying tactics being used by the White House. The Executive has no lawful powers but those granted by the Constitution and the laws made by the Congress in pursuance thereof. It has no prerogative to invent new authorities or make war at pleasure. The Supreme Court has no authorities outside of those granted. It Cannot Make law. And the Congress has the sole power to constitute tribunals [courts] inferior to the Supreme Court.

It won’t be a "cake walk" to get back to the beginning — and it will require a few intellectual "surges." Nevertheless, I fail to see why we should not at least consider it as an option. I think it’s easy to rule out the possibility of a presidential debate focusing on specific details of Constitutional Law or the United States Code. Any opponents to Dr. Paul would be completely unarmed and defenseless in such a contest. Thankfully we don’t have to wait for the other candidates to enter the dialog. They can lead, follow, or get out of the way. While they all sleep — the Revolution reawakens. As Dr. Paul is careful to point out, his "Revolution" is nothing more than a return to original principles and original intent.

Bring It On!

We should encourage a battle of books as the next stage in this campaign season. This could be the beginning of a dynamic phenomenon in America politics. What if Hillary, Obama, and McCain, or their ghost writers, decide to write books to combat Dr. Paul’s new book, The Revolution: A Manifesto? If this causes Americans to read and compare, we may be entering a whole new era with an engaged American body politic that begins to raise its literacy and its expectations closer and closer to Constitutional levels. They could wake up one morning expecting Liberty.

Just imagine, if the People, in great numbers, could once again grasp this: "A popular Government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or, perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: And a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives [emphasis added]." ~ James Madison

The Manifesto as a Catalyst

Dr. Paul, of all people, knows that his use of the word "Manifesto" in his title is controversial and will provoke discussion and comparisons to other Manifestoes as well as to the platforms of his opponents. I can think of a handful that I have read. These include, the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels, the Humanist Manifestoes I, II & III, as well the Christian Manifesto by the late Christian apologist Dr. Francis Schaeffer. Rush Limbaugh wrote The Way Things Ought to Be, and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin wrote What Is To Be Done. And who [but the Republican Party] could forget the Gingrich and his Contract with America?

Some speak and write with the intent to ensure Life, Liberty and Happiness for their fellow man — to protect his life and property. Others speak and write to deceive, manipulate, control and dominate. Those who learn to read, compare, and practice critical thinking, can choose to support or oppose based on their own convictions and political philosophies. Government by consent requires fully informed consent.

The reason Dr. Paul would win any battle of the manifestoes hands down is that he is all full of Constitutional solutions for American problems — and he can cite chapter and verse. The others have no truck with the Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution. Therefore, the more Americans read and think, the closer we will be to a Ron Paul Administration. And this is a phenomenon that could accelerate over the next few months, especially if it were combined with more "money bombs" and more fresh recruits for his volunteer army of internet super wonks. It would seem that many of the most creative folks on the web are also liberty minded and incredibly intelligent and creative. Let’s not only predict this acceleration — let’s instigate it — by promoting Dr. Paul’s book. Challenge your fellow citizens to read it. Bring it up in every conversation. Encourage them to compare all the candidates’ words, writings and voting records.

Obviously, the free flow of information combined with increased literacy will tend toward a better-informed and free-thinking public. This is the opposite of what the other candidates are counting on. They rely on cheap tricks of all sorts — hoping they will be able to handle softball questions in rigged media events and fake debates — and get just the right one-liner or Willie Horton Moment to pull it out. Substance is their archenemy. Not so with Dr. Paul, who, like Jackie Chan, does all of his own stunts.

The Manifesto of 1848 would not conflict with the platforms of the other three major candidates. They may or may not know how closely their platforms replicate Socialism/Communism. But Karl Marx and Frederic Engels could be writing for both major parties today if they were alive — and most of the party faithful wouldn’t take note. If you don’t believe it, take some time and read the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto and compare them to the de facto government in these United States and the major-party platforms. Property is taken by coercion and force to build the illusion of a workers’ paradise while a powerful elite freely mixes egalitarian rhetoric with Institutionalized Grand Theft.

Someone [it may have been Lenin] said, "Communism is just Socialism in a hurry." Three major candidates are in a hurry in the direction of socialism and only one stands firm for Liberty and the Constitution. The others should put all their plans in writing so that we can make complete comparisons. By now I think many Americans are aware of the manipulative nature of the MSM as well as their tendency to work against Liberty and the Rule of Law. Perhaps the MSM should also be compelled to explain why they tend to promote almost anything that works against Liberty and Freedom. Which Manifesto would they prefer? And what about Academe? How many of their Neo-Marxes are pitching for the Ivy League?

Between now and November please buy and read Dr. Paul’s Manifesto. Read it and compare it to Anything written or spoken by the other candidates. Get everyone you know to read it. If you are a neophyte [and most of us are] you can purchase the Elementary Catechism on the Constitution of the United States, written for children in 1828, with a companion book I have compiled: The Bill of Rights — EXPOSED! For a really comprehensive compendium of Americanism read The American Ideal of 1776 and compare it to Dr. Paul’s book if you like. I think you will be well pleased. For a product to help you wash your own brain as you drive or work around the house we offer an audio CD of The Law by Bastiat.

The Truth is now made Manifest: Americans who are well informed and love Liberty have an opportunity, come next November, to Elect a True Patriot who Loves the Rule of Law! Accept no imitations or substitutions.

There is Only One Major Candidate!