The Transcendent Challenge of Our Time


According to John McCain… “the transcendent challenge of our time: [is] the threat of radical Islamic terrorism [speaking to the World Affairs Council of course]."

McCain is not even close! But he is way too close to the White House.

According to Ron Paul, these are the transcendent challenges of our time.

Come next November, Diebold and the Supreme Court notwithstanding, we will get to choose between Tyranny and Despotism with Lies, and Liberty with Truth.

The two coordinate branches of the War Party can only thrive based on fightings and fears within and without. There is no history on their side. Evil Empires must be taken down. They always have been. The war money called Federal Reserve Notes will either be set aside, phased out, or inflated until it isn’t worth the cost of paper or digital zeros. American foreign policy will be humbled sooner or later.

We cannot spend our way to prosperity and global dominance by inflating inherently worthless fiat money. Keynesian Economics fails because it is fundamentally dishonest. If Bastiat and Keynes had been contemporaries, I’d like the think Claude Frédéric would have thrown a rock through John Maynard’s window. But I think Keynes would have been more likely to throw the first stone. Bastiat understood cause and effect too well.

Wars are the Death of Empires — They Do Not Sustain Them.

"Radical Islam" is no more of a threat than it was in Jefferson’s time. The Congress and the Executive can use lawful remedies: Letters of Marque and Reprisal for Pirates and Criminals — Lawfully Declared Wars for State Actors who actually attack us. It’s simple. It’s true. It’s Constitutional. And Ron Paul is the only one on the stage with the integrity to implement it by keeping his campaign promises.

I don’t hear McCain or the two Democrats talking about these solutions. Hillary and Obama are talking about spending lots of money we don’t have on their domestic agendas. And for now they are reserved when they speak of an exit strategy for Iraq. McCain wants to "invest" the same money and the blood of your children in Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace. He is more honest than G.W. Bush in that. George told us he wanted a humble foreign policy while he was already busy looking for excuses to invade Iraq and a few more countries.

Hillary and Obama seem locked in a struggle to figure out which one of them is different — which one can offer us more "free" stuff. Last week we found out that Hillary could completely re-fabricate a scenario where she was under sniper fire when she and Chelsea almost had to shoot their way into Bosnia. She differs from her husband in that his lies most often related to denying things that had happened. Hillary "remembers" things that didn’t happen. Then she "remembers" them again after being previously embarrassed. This does not bode well for the 3AM phone call scenario. She didn’t "misspeak." She lied! It’s "what is u2018is’" all over again.

The Democrats are trying to buy the Welfare Votes and McCain is trying to buy the Warfare Votes. All three are committed to a longer version of the Iraqi Quagmire.

McCain sees things that aren’t there, including, but not limited to, imaginary enemies. If elected, he will continue to smirk at your individual liberties and the Transcendent Values of our American Heritage. Now he is sending clear signals that global government is part of his agenda. Are we to have a new "League of Democracies?" This is consistent with the Bush I & II agenda of global corporate fascist war-for-profit, often called "Democracy" for short. Woodrow Wilson would be proud. "Democracies" have so far proven to be no match for the Military Industrial Complex. What happens to those nations who resist McCain’s vision of "Democracy?" I understand he can be very ill tempered.

Unlawful Government is the Transcendent Threat of our time.

The challenge internationally is to start treating criminals as criminals and not as State actors. If Bin Laden admits to 9/11 he could be a pathological liar, the actual perpetrator, or both. Bragging rights are highly coveted in the Arab world. In Israel there are almost always too many claimants for any given bombing. Once rules of evidence are properly applied, and there is a lawful process to determine the guilt of a perpetrator, the Congress and the Administration have lawful powers, short of declaring war, to handle the problem. This would obviously promote international stability and the humble foreign policy the Founders and Framers envisioned. Our enemies and our friends would know what to expect.

The domestic challenge is similar: Treat Criminals as Criminals, Impeaching and Removing them from office, and Prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law.

If "Radical Islam" is not a redundant term, the peaceful factions should start outing the criminals. But this cannot make strategic sense to them as long as all of Islam is receiving mixed messages from the Administration via the Military and the MSM. If the high estimates are correct, a few million Arabs have already died. Our grieving military families get a Gold Star. Dead Arabs get to be called "Collateral Damage" or "Insurgents" if they are lucky. We never kill anyone just for the Hell of it.

If the Arab countries give up their criminals they may end up with a shortage of those who want to fight and kill Americans. This is one reasonable explanation for their apparent tendency not to help anyone find Bin Laden.

In 2004 McCain was already carrying water for the War Party: "War is an awful business. The lives of a nation’s finest patriots are sacrificed. Strategic interests shielded by years of statecraft are endangered as the demands of war and diplomacy conflict…"

In his recent "transcendence in anticipation of ascendance" speech for the CFR, McCain said: "Only a fool or a fraud sentimentalizes the merciless reality of war. However heady the appeal of a call to arms, however just the cause, we should still shed a tear for all that is lost when war claims its wages from us…"

McCain was on a roll. But he stopped far short of the whole truth, or he would have summarized by saying, "War Is A Racket!" — and insisting that every American heed the warnings of a real war hero: Major General Smedley D. Butler, USMC Retired. As for "the nation’s finest patriots," they are grieving over her lost virtue.