A Flag for Your Son


When a people choose to worship the idol called the state as their savior, the natural progression will require that eventually they sacrifice themselves or members of their family to insure the growth and survival of this false god.

A flag for your son, father, brother, husband, uncle, nephew or cousin; a flag-draped cold metal box for your mother, sister, wife, aunt, or niece. Of course, the pagan god will refuse any attempt to photograph these sacrifices, returned from the fields of conquest and death, claiming they are protecting the families, while in reality they seek to protect themselves from any awakening to the truth that might occur among their worshipers (slaves).

I continually wonder at the so-called Christian element in this country, their support of illegal wars, worship of the state, and ignorance of their cherished Ten Commandments; especially the first, second, sixth and tenth. Have they not adopted the state as their god, the flag as their graven image, committed murder in the name of the state and coveted that which belongs to their neighbors (oil and other natural resources)? What have they done with the Golden Rule?

What would be the reaction of those who call themselves Christian if tomorrow their minister asked them to sacrifice a member of their family at the altar of the church? Would many not refer to this as heathen ritualism? Yet, they have no problem encouraging and supporting those who sacrifice their loved ones to the state and its quest for empire, while offering their personal sacrifices at the same altar.

What will this god called the state offer to its worshipers in return for their sacrifice? When your human sacrifice returns wounded or maimed, you can find your reward here and here!

If your human sacrifice were to fall into the hands of those fighting to protect their homes and country from your pagan idol, this could be your reward!

What will happen to your human sacrifice when they return haunted by the unspeakable horrors they have witnessed in the state’s wars of occupation and conquest? I can assure you they do not diminish with time.

In the event your human sacrifice to this false god be killed or wounded in battle, would you ever know the truth? If your sacrifice were heroic in battle but left behind to die by the god they worship, would all that be ignored for the greater good of the empire?

The very soul of the state is corruption and prevarication; without constant implementation of lies, the government would soon lose the blind devotion of its worshipers. But alas, the state has the halls of academia to instill blind patriotism and devotion to its wars for profit and pursuit of empire, and believe it or not, they sometimes openly admit it.

The California Court of Appeals ruled state-supported public schools exist “to train school children in good citizenship, patriotism and loyalty to the state and nation as a means of protecting the public welfare.” The fact is: patriotism and loyalty to the state are diametrically opposed to the freedoms and welfare of the public. The only "protection" being promoted by public education is to the state, its endless wars for empire, the welfare state, and the economic enslavement of its people.

The fascist mainstream media, whose corporate owners profit directly from the wars for empire, supports the state with the illusion of "fair and balanced" reporting. In actuality, the MSM supports whatever cabal-anointed politician is in power, regardless of party affiliation. Therefore, when a Democrat is in office, the MSM is attacked for being leftist; when the Republicans are in power, the MSM is attacked for being "right wing." Professor Carroll Quigley articulates the truth in his book, Tragedy and Hope,

“The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy. [p. 1247]"

The voting public’s repudiation of the war in Iraq in the 2006 election, the subsequent granting of everything Bush asked for in prosecuting the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq by Democrats elected to stop the war, a refusal to pursue any investigation into the Bush Administration’s lies that led to the war, are all the validation Professor Quigley’s words require.

As long as the majority of Americans are willing to trade their loved ones for the euphoric illusion of ruling the world and defeating the state’s villain du jour, many of whom were brought to power by the state, liberties will continue to be encroached, endless wars will be fought, criminal politicians will continue to rule the land and those who worship the state will continue to sacrifice themselves and their loved ones to the criminal beast.