Getting To Know Ron Paul


Yes, you can watch the debates and hear snippets of what Ron Paul would like to say on a few subjects, but the debates are set up so that no candidate will have the time to go into depth on any subject.

You can Google "Ron Paul," and you will find 8,600,000 pages, but most of them are written about Ron Paul, with a smattering of columns by Doctor Paul.

If you want to look at a real body of Doctor Paul’s thoughts in one spot, then it is best to look at his archives on Better yet, here is a direct link to over 400 of Doctor Ron Paul’s columns.

These columns cover things like: What the Fed has Done to our Money, Tax Reform, Foreign Policy, Democrats, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Selective Service (military slavery), Gas Prices, the WTO, the United Nations, Peace and Freedom, and 400 other things.

If you really want to get to know what Congressman Ron Paul thinks and what he is not afraid to put down in print, Lew Rockwell’s archive of the Congressman’s columns is invaluable. Also, every column seems to be a good read, although many times the truth he writes of can upset you. After a few columns I bet you will be ready to go out and wave a "VOTE for Ron Paul" sign.