An Open Letter to President Bush and Vice President Cheney


On behalf of The Ron Paul Revolution I would like to thank you from the bottom of our collective hearts for the policies you have enacted since you assumed power in January 2001. Since 2001 your administration has demonstrated unequivocally the moral and financial bankruptcy of the welfare-warfare state. The welfare-warfare state which, of course, you did not create, has expanded beyond our wildest dreams or more accurately has become our worst nightmare.

In short, Mr. President and Mr. Vice President you are America’s latest libertarian heroes, because no one in the past several years could have accomplished what you have achieved in just seven years; ignite a nationwide revolution for liberty, limited government, sound money and a noninterventionist foreign policy.

I cannot tell you how grateful we are that you have brought people together from all regions of the country, ethnic and religious groups, ages, incomes, and across the political spectrum to enlist in The Ron Paul Revolution.

The Ron Paul Revolution could not have been made possible without your administration’s unrelenting pursuit of unrestrained federal power, your incessant trampling of the American people’s rights guaranteed under our magnificent Bill of Rights, your continuous shading of the truth to the American people to justify invading a country that was not a threat to our national security, your unconscionable expansion of the welfare state with the prescription drug plans for seniors, and your reckless fiscal polices that have exploded the federal budget. In addition, your administration has been in office while the U.S. dollar is collapsing in foreign exchange markets.

And we now know that Iran is not now nor has ever been a threat to our national security. Continuing to threaten a nation with a preemptive nuclear strike reveals the utter contempt your administration has for international law. All the GOP presidential candidates except Ron Paul support a preemptive strike against Iran, so if you are going to bomb Iran, you know you will be handing him the nomination on a silver platter.

Many of us have been waiting for nearly four decades since "we became of age" when the welfare-warfare state was in its formative years during the Johnson Administration to rally around a candidate for president of the United States who is a passionate supporter of liberty, limited government, sound money and a noninterventionist foreign policy. I know I keep repeating myself Mr. President and Mr. Vice President, but I cannot help it. We are so excited that a Ron Paul administration will have the opportunity to begin dismantling the welfare-warfare state in 2009.

I and millions, no…make that tens of millions, of Americans, want to see the Ron Paul Revolution succeed. You have done your job magnificently. Your policies have exposed the utter immorality of the bi-partisan American Empire. With the American Empire on its last legs we need to replace the welfare-warfare state as soon as possible, but not with a Hillary or Obama or Edwards version of the welfare state.

The American people want and need an administration that will abide by the U.S. Constitution and not engage in nation building like you promised, Mr. President in your 2000 campaign for the presidency. I was thrilled back then that we would finally have a president who understood the proper role of America in the world: diplomacy, trade and peaceful relations.

Dr. Paul is the right man and this is the right time for him to lead the American people to the Promised Land of freedom, peace and prosperity. He has crisscrossed our great nation with a message the Founding Fathers articulated more than 225 years ago, liberty and noninterference in other nations’ affairs would secure peace and prosperity for the American people.

Again, on behalf of The Ron Paul Revolution thank you and thank you Mr. President and Mr. Vice President for giving the freedom movement the greatest boost in my lifetime. It sure looks like we will have freedom in our lifetime and not have to wait another few decades to restore the U.S. Constitution.

We all look forward to seeing you at Ron Paul’s inauguration.

Sincerely, Murray Sabrin

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