An Open Letter to Hispanics On Behalf of Ron Paul


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Ten-term Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) is the kind of politician that Hispanics in America desperately need to represent our true interests. Sure, it would be great to see diversity in the Oval Office with a black man like Barack Obama or a woman like Hillary Clinton, but as we Hispanics have learned from years of discrimination and hardship, it is not what makes us different that matters but our united desire for community, values and freedom. Ron Paul is the man who will best represent the interests of Hispanics, in preserving our individual liberties and ensuring peace and prosperity for our children and our children’s children.


Although there is only one Hispanic presidential candidate today, Ron Paul is the best option for Hispanics. In my opinion, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson would make a better president than the other candidates from the Democratic Party. But we have to ask ourselves who is the best candidate from either party. In a time of war, inflation, rising taxes, out-of-control deficit-spending and domestic spying, Hispanics need a man who has the experience, the integrity and the determination to stand up to the Washington machine. That man is Ron Paul.

Hispanics have endured oppression and infringement of human rights since the European powers came to Latinize our native cultures with slavery, feudalism and state-sponsored religion. Our history for centuries has been a long, arduous journey to self-determination and liberty. We should stay true to that common vision and purpose.


Ron Paul is running as the only anti-war candidate in the Republican Party. The GOP is full of candidates like ex-New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and ex-Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who support our ineffective and harmful “War on Terror.” Don’t be fooled by Republican overtures to Hispanics. Speaking a little Spanish or running an ad on Univision or Telemundo is not enough to help us grab a piece of that pie we call the American Dream. The entire GOP presidential slate except for Ron Paul is eager to continue and prolong this disastrous and unconstitutional war. This conflict has claimed the lives of more than 3000 soldiers, including Hispanics who donned the uniform to proudly serve their country.

Thousands of Hispanics join the U.S. military every year for an opportunity to serve, gain access to college and find an honorable occupation in life. But Democrat and Republican politicians have needlessly sent them into harm’s way by deploying them to Iraq. The war has killed, maimed and injured tens of thousands and psychologically scarred many more with the horrors of guerilla-insurgent warfare. To continue this course of action and fail to properly defend America is an inexcusable abomination.

Hillary Clinton had no problem sending Hispanics to die for President Bush’s war. Mike Huckabee appears to have no problem continuing the massacre of American and Iraqi lives. Ron Paul is the only candidate consistently holding our government accountable over our long-forgotten quest to hunt Osama Bin Laden and the alarming loss of so many lives. American boys and girls continue to needlessly die to make the world safe for U.S. oil and political interests. Hispanics should support Ron Paul because he is the only real anti-war candidate.


Ron Paul does not favor amnesty for illegal immigrants. This was the one issue I did not agree with. But I know Ron Paul’s character. I know his voting record for Liberty. Over the years, I have heard his speeches and read his articles. I know his one interest is Freedom, with no compromise. This man practices what he preaches.

Ron Paul represents the 14th Congressional District of Texas, a border state with many problems. As a result of these problems we have seen overt racism from people like the Minutemen and other self-armed vigilantes who patrol the border. But there are many Americans who are not racist but just want our laws to be obeyed and respected. I can understand that. Ron Paul will secure the U.S. borders effectively and humanely. His voting record on human rights and civil liberties is impeccable. No other Democrat or Republican can touch him on that. He voted against the Patriot Act, secret government courts and any form of domestic espionage.

What are Ron Paul’s ideas to reduce the number of illegal immigrants? 1) Oppose amnesty; 2) cut welfare benefits; and, 3) reform the immigration laws.

Although I personally support amnesty as an emergency measure to forgive the hard-working taxpayers who live in our country illegally, I can still fully support Ron Paul as a man who will defend the rights and liberties of men, women and children who enter this country for a better life. That is after all, why we Hispanics have come to America and have so wonderfully contributed to the melting pot.


When it comes to our rights, no other candidate comes close to Ron Paul in ensuring our liberties in the Bill of Rights and protecting us from the intrusion of the federal government, the States or local police. What can we expect from a Ron Paul presidency? The dawn of a new morning in America. The reversal of decades of growing government intrusion into our lives, our homes and our churches.

We Hispanics are proud of our kaleidoscope of national cultures ranging from Chile to Puerto Rico, from Mexico to Costa Rica. We hold onto our beautiful traditions. They are alive and well in our language, our cuisines, our music and our history. Hispanics balk at any attempt by the majority to assimilate us or to only speak English because we’re in someone else’s country. Ron Paul’s principles in action demonstrate that he would never support a policy that Hispanics in America need to do as Americans do.

There are many in the Republican Party today who feel that way about Hispanics. I consider this only a milder form of racism and xenophobia. Hispanics have already seen Ron Paul commit himself to positions of individual liberty, respect for human life and reduction in government power. Ron Paul is a man who deserves to sit in the Oval Office because he respects our cherished Bill of Rights more than any other elected federal politician.


What is the number one problem plaguing Hispanics today? Economic access.

Hispanic teenagers drop out of school at a higher rate than other races and fall into vicious cycles of poverty and crime. Our rapid rise in population rates are not, by and large, in line with our noble desire to become self-sufficient, entrepreneurial or pillars in our society. There is great hope, however. Many Hispanics work hard for a better solution. Many have taken risks despite the odds to open up our own businesses and charities and push past the established racism in professional circles and market policies.

How would a Ron Paul presidency help? Ron Paul would end government-subsidizing of huge corporations that destroy and stifle smaller competitors, especially Hispanic-owned businesses. He would fight for a sound money policy to stop the inflation rate that acts as a nefarious hidden tax on our hard-earned dollars. Ron Paul would end government meddling in higher education tuition and policies that cost Hispanics a small fortune to seek a degree and then saddles young Hispanics with unfair debts. He would reform welfare far better and more effectively than Bill Clinton ever did and help people to become self-sufficient and prosperous.

Ron Paul would strengthen Social Security by using proper fiscal policy. He would cut the government out of health care to stop the rising costs of medical visits that are out of reach for many working-class Americans. Ron Paul, unlike Ronald Reagan’s failure to keep a promise, would abolish the U.S. Department of Education, and so end the wasteful and harmful law known as “No Child Left Behind.” He would stop rising tax levels on small businesses and individuals that choke lower-class Americans from pursuing the American Dream.


Do Hispanics deserve to live the American Dream? Of course we do. Our ancestors roamed over these ancient grounds centuries ago looking for fertile lands and new hopes. As natives streamed over North America to the Southern Hemisphere and the exotic Caribbean islands, they brought their families, their children and their futures with them. Now Hispanics have returned to this primitive land and have become the fastest growing minority in the United States. Our voices can no longer be silenced by those who think we must be quiet just to keep cleaning their bathrooms and picking their fruits on dusty ranches.

We believe, as Ron Paul does, that our Creator endowed us with unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Let us vote for Ron Paul and bring our Hispanic brothers and sisters home from war, to a country where Liberty is cherished, our hard work is rewarded and we can provide lovingly for ourselves, our families and our dear children. Let us contribute to the great melting pot.

December 17, 2007