The Hope of Ron Paul


When I was a child I had a great deal of hope in my life. My living conditions were not that great; I won't go into details but let's just say I was much happier when I was alone. But no matter what I had a great deal of hope. Life was filled with wonder and excitement and I knew, just knew that when I grew up things would all be better. I kept hearing that life isn't fair when I believed deep in my heart that it should be. I was pretty sure that as soon as got out into the world on my own, I would find that life that was fair.

Then I grew up and things were not all I expected. I became jaded and disillusioned. The basic truths of human existence – don't steal, be nice to each other, etc. I found broken on a regular basis by the government – an entity I was taught I was supposed to admire. I read about wars that had no meaning, I saw people being attacked by the men in uniforms that were supposed to be our protectors. I witnessed laws made that had no reason for being, laws against things that hurt no one and seemed to only be there because someone didn't like something. It made no sense.

Where was this world I was expecting? Where was the dream land of equality and fairness and common decency? I was so sure that world existed and I was crushed when I found out that it didn't.

Life went on. I adjusted. A subtle discord crept into my being. I internalized the meaning of malaise and sadly accepted that there was nothing I could do about it. Oh, I do not mean to say that I walked around weeping all of the time, but there was a "grayness" I felt that I don't really know how to put into words. The worst part of it all was the feeling of complete helplessness. I felt that the dream I had hoped for had no chance of existing and I had no way to affect that fact.

Then I started reading things written by Ron Paul. He gave me hope that I am not alone in my dreams. Here was a man that seemed to share those dreams. I began to feel that the world does have one ray of sunshine in it. He made me think that my desires are attainable and that believing in liberty and freedom is not a hopeless cause.  He gave me justification for every argument I had ever had on the subject. I can once again state with supreme confidence that life should be fair or at least that we should strive for fairness and not just abandon the attempt before we get started.

Ron Paul says things that are deeply planted in my heart. I do not know where they came from, but he brings an explanation for these things. Ron Paul explains why believing in liberty is not just for dreamers, but it is a gift for all mankind. Dr. Paul shows that freedom needs protecting, but it is worth protecting and yes, he will protect it! To me, Ron Paul is a sort of defender of the soul. Maybe he needs an action figure made in his image? The great Ron Paul with his cape flying, running to rescue the Constitution as it takes blow after blow! Tune in next week when we see Ron Paul save a civil liberty from crashing to the ground below!

I think that is why I have become so enamored of his campaign. Oh, he may not win, but maybe he is planting a seed somewhere.  Or, he could win and that would really be amazing.  Either way, he has brought sunshine to that grayness I used to feel. I once again feel hope. I feel that a world of which I had only dreamed is possible. I think I know how the founding fathers must have felt. I finally understand a cause worth dying for. I have everlasting gratitude for the men who fought the revolutionary war. Once again we are fighting the same revolution.

Here are the kinds of things that Ron Paul wants to do that I am so grateful to hear: he wants to abolish the IRS. Well, I think that if you work for your money you ought to keep it. Nothing seems less fair than having to give so much of my money away to pay for things that I abhor.

Ron Paul wants to end the war in Iraq. I believe deep in my soul that people should not kill each other except in defense. It is a part of me. It always has been. I have never wanted a war of aggression. I want to help our soldiers. I believe they have been lied to about the length of their tours of duty and that they are doing their best, but they were never meant to be over there that long. I believe they are trapped. I think that is awful. I believe Ron Paul wants to save them and again I feel hope.

Ron Paul wants to bring an end to the war on drugs. I have seen what this "war" is doing to the lives of so many people in this country. I see a "war" that is not waged on people equally. I see a "war" that has torn apart whole neighborhoods. I see people thrown in jail unequally in terms of race. That hurts my soul. I see people thrown in jail for doing almost nothing. I cannot understand how alcohol and caffeine are legal and other substances are not. I cannot understand how one person can go to a doctor for a prescription for a substance, but if another person takes that same substance without the prescription they can go to jail for life (if they have done it for a third time). How does that make any sense?

I see whole families ripped apart over and over as men are rotting in prison while women try to raise the children alone and all over a non-violent crime where no one got hurt. I see rapists and murderers get less time than a person who does crack. I cannot understand that and again, my soul aches. I believe Ron Paul wants to help these people and end this awful "war" and again, I have hope.

Over and over Ron Paul does things to restore my liberty and my freedoms. I feel the hope that the chains will drop and I will be free. I long for the day that I do not have to feel afraid when I make a comment on a telephone in jest. I yearn for the time when I get to keep the fruits of my labor. I hope that someday I will once again be able to see a way to save for the future. Right now, it seems silly to put any money away as it loses its value day after day. I work harder, put in more hours and still I have less buying power than I did twenty years ago. I am swimming as fast as I can only to find I have not moved an inch. Ron Paul wants to end the things that create monetary inflation and again, I am filled with hope. I can only dream what it would be like to actually get ahead.

Ron Paul is my hope. He has shown me that my dreams can happen. He has taught me that I don't have to give up, there is one person out there working for me. For me. Imagine that? I am not a big corporation, I am not rich, and here is a politician who wants to become President to make my life freer, to make other people's lives freer, to end some of the dreadful suffering so many are facing. Here is a man that does not believe we should accept the byline that "life isn't fair." He seems to think life should be fair and he will work towards that end.

Whether or not Ron Paul wins, I feel that hope is not gone in this country. The great land of America is still here. It just may be buried a little right now.

I never understood campaigning for a candidate before. I have never donated money to a campaign before. I barely ever spoke of politics and certainly couldn't have cared less before. Now, I finally have a man to vote FOR. Whether I get to pull a lever or have to write his name on a card, nothing will feel sweeter than voting for Ron Paul.

November 23, 2007

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