'Bring Them On!'


In his most hubristic utterance as president, George W. Bush arrogantly chortled “Bring Them On!” calling for more murderous attacks upon American troops in Iraq.

Insurgent forces have accommodated the death wish of Mr. Bush, adding to the grief and devastation of thousands of families of service men and women throughout our country.

Lesson: Be careful what you wish for.

The elitist mainstream media fears Ron Paul.

It is beginning to sink to new lows in its futile efforts to discredit him.

Such a barrage of mean-spirited attacks can only seriously backfire.

As it did with George Bush’s deadly admonition to the Iraqis.

Yesterday is a case in point.

When the sneering journalist Soledad O’Brien of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 attempted to belittle Dr. Paul’s positions on the important public policy questions of the day by labeling him as a "flake," Paul turned her characterization on its head and described Washington’s disastrous monetary and imperial foreign policy as truly "flaky.” Bravo, Dr. Paul!

When snarky L.A. Times columnist Joel Stein on MSNBC’s Tucker attempted to ridicule Paul’s widespread popularity by his ever-growing diverse group of supporters by describing them as ‘crazy’ and ‘nerds,’ he simply showed his ignorance not only of what is happening in neighborhoods and on campuses throughout America today but of American history.

The Ron Paul Revolution is within the deepest of American political traditions.

Wikipedia on-line encyclopedia provides cogent biographical summaries of important individuals in this tradition who stood for:

  • Peace and diplomacy based upon a non-interventionist foreign policy,
  • Free trade and opposition to protectionism,
  • Decentralized federalism as opposed to a consolidated national government at the expense of the states,
  • No empire building,
  • No central banking, and
  • No corporate welfare.

Here is a brief pantheon of early heroes in that long-standing tradition:

November 5, 2007