Health in the Year 2050

Health in the Year 2050

by Bill Sardi by Bill Sardi


It’s the year 2050. There are half as many doctors in the U.S. as there were in the year 2010. Mortality rates have been slashed by 90% and over 70% of the population now lives to the age of 120 years in good health.

Thanks to resveratrol-fortified soft drinks and dietary supplements, senility due to Alzheimer’s disease is a thing of the past.

By law, all foods must be fortified with Vitamin D in amounts that boost immunity so that winter-time cold and flu epidemics have been eliminated. Since vaccines are no longer needed, childhood autism no longer is reported.

Since it was found that vitamin D hardens dental enamel, drinking water is no longer fluoridated for that purpose, and childhood dental decay has been drastically reduced.

High-dose vitamin D pills have replaced penicillin to treat bacterial infections, and more stubborn bacterial, viral or fungal infections are now treated with allicin pills, derived from garlic. By using these natural antibiotics, germ-resistance is no longer reported.

Since the inclusion of rice bran into cereals, bread and other baked goods, diabetes now rarely occurs before the age of 100.

Cholesterol-lowering drugs are no longer employed since they never were shown to lower mortality rates and it was later revealed that government health authorities created this misdirection long ago in an effort to covertly reduce birth rates and population growth (cholesterol being a precursor for sex hormones — estrogen and testosterone).

Atherosclerosis is now treated as a disease of progressive calcification of arteries and heart valves that begins once childhood growth is completed. Natural molecules (vitamin D, vitamin K, magnesium, rice bran, resveratrol and lignans), which retain calcium in bones or prevent calcium from crystallizing, are widely employed to cleanse arteries, kidneys, eyes, brain and liver from excessive calcium.

Once diagnosed, cancer is treated at home with intravenous vitamin C, high-dose vitamin D, resveratrol and allicin pills. Twenty-year survival rates after initial diagnosis are now in the range of 90%.

The fortification of folic acid in foods has virtually eliminated birth defects, cervical cancer and other malignancies, and has measurably improved brain function in senior adults.

Adults now attend clinics where a non-invasive eye-scan measurement of lipofuscin, a marker of cellular aging, is obtained so that citizens now know their biological as well as chronological age.

Family members can no longer estimate your age by pictures in the family photo album. Grey hair and wrinkles are a thing of the past. By inclusion of a molecule called hyaluronan into mayonnaise, beverages, salad dressings and food supplements, most adults maintain youthful-looking skin, thick hair and flexible joints throughout life.

The striking disappointment is that all of this was known over 40 years ago but entrenched financial interests prevented these health practices from being implemented in a timely manner.