The Ron Paul Ultimatum


The latest of three movies about spy/killer Jason Bourne — the Bourne Ultimatum — is the best in the series. There is all the action, chases, fighting, shooting, explosions, and killing, but here we also get the story and it turns out to be a great American story.

Here we have a super patriot kid who goes the limit for Uncle Sam. He is betrayed and hunted down by his own country. In seeking his salvation he ends up converting a couple of people from the bad guy camp. They both sensed that Jason is the good guy and they are working for the bad guys, so they risk their own lives to help him.

I’m seeing the same sort of conversion happening across our country. People are realizing that President Bush and Vice President Cheney represent evil and then they see Ron Paul and a light goes off — the answer is the US Constitution. Bingo! Government by the rule of law, limited government, sound money, and a non-interventionist foreign policy — that is what made America great. These new converts may not necessarily understand the entire message and may have policy disagreements with Ron Paul, but they realize that our country needs an entirely different direction and it’s the direction of Ron Paul.

The specific evil in the life of Jason Bourne is a lawless CIA that uses brainwashing techniques, unlimited secret assassinations, and contract killers to pursue American policy — a good example of the type of thing Ron Paul is fighting against. Ron Paul did support the issuance of letters of Marque and Reprisal against Osama Bin Laden’s gang, but this was the appropriate measure specified in the Constitution to deal with a confessed killer and threat to the country.

The other great thing about the movie is that it shows the CIA as completely inept. It has massive resources, ultra powerful technology, and unlimited power and authority and yet is completely and grossly incompetent in doing its job. This is a theme that Ron Paul has been emphasizing for thirty years. The CIA and other "intelligence" bureaucracies are incompetent, a threat to our liberty and should be done away with as un-American.

Government incompetence with law and order is not a new theme by any means. In books and movies it is almost always a private detective or lawyer that solves the crime, while the government police and prosecutors are hopelessly incompetent. Occasionally police solve the crime, but it’s usually an isolated individual who "goes beyond the call of duty" or is expressly disobeying orders. This is how it works in real life — cops don’t solve crimes, people do.

If you can stand all the violence and killing go see this movie and be ready to boo and laugh at the bad guys and cheer for the good guys.

When it comes to supporting Ron Paul, it is our ultimatum.

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