Ron Paul-Cesar Millan: My Dream Ticket


I realize that Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, not having been born in the United States, cannot actually run for VP. But please, do let me dream.

Ron Paul should be the presidential choice of every person who loves the United States of America; every person who respects the Constitution, the Republic, the Promises, and the Philosophies upon which this nation was founded; of every person who wants an economically, educationally, Freedom-secured future for themselves and their children. There is no other who can hold a candle to Ron Paul, who is the most intelligent, principled, disciplined man I have ever met. There is no other I would send in his stead. Dr. Ron Paul is a true Statesman; most certainly not a ‘politician’.

Cesar Millan is my choice for Vice President because—if any nation on Earth is out-of-control; living in a dangerous ‘red zone’; gravely in need of Discipline, Boundaries and Limitations, it is today’s United States of America. The Constitution must again become the "Leader of the Pack" and everyone — everyone — must recognize and respect its Authority. Cesar, a man with astute insights into the behaviors of both creatures and humans; a teacher recognized as a proof-in-the-pudding authority on instilling Discipline, Boundaries, and Limitations, is the individual whose services are desperately needed in these most desperate of dog-eat-dog times.

Consider the Presidency: How can the ‘leader’ of a republic expect or demand any respect from a citizenry that he has effectively gagged, discounted, abused, and minimalized? As we all have watched in horror, this (not)leader further destroys the honor of the office, and corrupts the Rights, Freedoms, and Input of the populace. He is out-of-control with his kingly dictates, demands, and direct orders. He is no leader-of-the-pack and only his blind and faithful few find anything about him, his decisions, about his actions, to be worthy of respect. He is not a leader; he is a bully. He is running off-collar and out-of-control. He is the ‘red zone’ and so very dangerous to the survival of our pack; of our America. Ron and Caesar, to the rescue!

The Supreme Court clearly demonstrates a lack of Discipline, Boundaries and Limitations, as it methodically removes all Discipline, Boundaries and Limitations from a hedonistic, mis-educated, ethically-challenged populace. The Supremes write legislation (not their job!); dictate cultural trends (pushing the culture ever closer to Sodom, Gomorrah and a similar meltdown); give workers’ retirement money to children and others who have never worked (Thieves!); condone the slaughter of the unborn (the future taxpayers); and much, too much, more. The Supremes pave the way for Evil while abdicating their constitutionally defined roles. This current system of Checks and Balances has checked our Rights, and put our nation totally out of balance–ethically and economically. The Supreme Court Disease is rapidly spreading, claiming millions of victims. We need Dr. Paul to effect a cure and stem the tide.

Congress is completely out of control; a crazed pack, feeding in a frenzy upon the weaker members of the Republic (The taxpayers). There is more to be said about Congress, and endless examples to be sited, but frankly, I do not have the stomach for it. It is incomprehensible that so many citizens have been satisfied to shrug their shoulders and do nothing. America needs the Wisdom and the Discipline of Ron Paul and Cesar Millan.

The Department of Education is worse than worthless. It is dangerous. It exists in a red zone of its own creation, The Department serves to destroy hope, potential, skills, scholarship, thought, inventiveness, national literacy, minds…and the lives of the American people. Unfortunately, this animal is beyond help and must be ‘put down’. We must move swiftly to euthanize this creature; to make, and keep, America safe. The People must again be free to establish and live in a just and humane society, made up of just, rational, educated, thinking adults acting as leaders should; teaching young people to follow in great footsteps. To refer to the death of the Department of Education as "a mercy killing" would be an understatement of unbelievable proportions. It is imperative that we act to protect the children of America; to treat those who have already been harmed and molested; to insure that never again will a child be ‘bitten’ by such a destructive, poisonous, inhumane beast.

State governments…no longer understand, let alone demand and defend, States’ Rights. The individual states allow federal looters (beginning with the current president), as well as their state officials, to rape, rob, abuse, threaten, misinform, under educate, and otherwise harm citizens. When states lack the will and the guts to protect their citizens from beasts on a rampage, those states broadcast proof of their own lack of discipline, boundaries, and limitations. States weaken under threats from the big, bad Feddies. Once upon a time, an honorable, and very enlightened former Michigan Secretary of State refused to ask citizens for social security numbers (under the federal pretense that they were needed for drivers’ licenses). She assured the people of Michigan that should she ever need the numbers, she certainly would not pass them on to the Federal Bullies. She fought hard, but eventually lost the battle when the Feds threatened her: if she persisted in her refusal, federal support for Michigan’s schools would end. (Wait a minute! That money was ours to begin with! We send our money to Washington, even though the federal government should never be involved in local schooling decisions, then the States must practically prostitute themselves to get any of it back. States have the Right to keep the feds on a short leash, but their knees turn to jelly in the face of federal threats. States have become fearful and weak, and as Cesar has taught us, weak and fearful animals are the ones most likely to bite. Dr. Paul can stop the bleeding and treat the bites, while Cesar gets those tails out from between states’ legs, and attempts to help the 50 animals grow a backbone.

Local governments…ignore the wishes and needs of the People, while handing the citizens, their possessions, their Rights, and their security, right over to a far more dangerous beast—the Federal Government. Local governments make rulings and changes without consulting with, nor caring about, those individuals and businesses who will be most affected. City Hall rarely asks what people need in order to learn, live, thrive, be productive. Little-to-no leadership at this level (My Uncle Doug, Mayor, is an exception.) Another dangerous bite threat.

Public schools…reward the unworthy; while driving the best from the "jobs project" (Thank you, John Taylor Gatto) by using lies, distortions, and cruelty. Public schools graduate the illiterate and the uneducated back into the culture, thereby widening the circle of ignorance; increasing the number of unproductive citizens; worsening destructive behaviors. Public schools, with their policies, their teachings, and their indoctrination, cloud the eyes of the culture and warp the judgement and self esteem of the nation’s children. Public schools feed deviance, and further sicken the society. They are as a rabid dog to the security of this nation. Public schools should be euthanized, with the Federal Department of Education and its 50 clones.

Churches are too often uncomfortable and quite unwilling to pass judgement on the most guilty of sinners. Churches should be stating, "This, that, and that other behavior are bad; wrong; illicit; no-no’s; "just not done"!" But that role has become a very unpopular one, even though the culture is decaying from a lack of such corrections from proper sources. Churches used to provide the nation, its leaders, and its families, with core values; with sense of purpose; with faith in a power Higher than…advertisements, media, and a "Me, Me" perspective on Life. Churches used to provide moral support, advice, and guiding Biblical references, to parents, to local leaders, and even to Congress!! Yes, Congress once knew better! Churches used to provide moral boundaries for decision making at all leadership levels. Church leaders, once models of decorum, scholarship, honor, have too often been replaced by individuals as lacking –even more lacking—in Discipline, Boundaries, and Limitations—than their parishioners. I know of one who slid into church service one Sunday to show off the new athletic shoes he was wearing! In my home, and as poor as we were, we all still owned "Sunday shoes" that were worn with respect; to places and events worthy of respect and proper behavior. Sports shoes were for noisy gymnasiums, sandy lots, playgrounds, and ballfields. Frankly, I am appalled by most of the clothing worn to church services. If people have so little respect as to enter our Lord’s dwelling wearing sleazy, sloppy, ill-fitting clothing, why do they even bother to attend? Scary times indeed—when church officials, leaders, and members are the ones most in need of role models, discipline, boundaries, and limitations.

Families are disorganized and fractured. Too many fathers were never taught to conduct themselves with propriety, intelligence, wisdom (Thank you, Dr. Spock. We owe it all to you.) Others have just decided to selfishly ignore the responsibilities of parenting. Immature, undisciplined men provide very destructive role models for children. Immature, undisciplined men swear at umpires; hit wives and children; rage at sporting events. Immature, undisciplined men put their bad upbringing (and their arses) on display for everyone to see. Immature, selfish, undisciplined men refuse to acknowledge that the most attentive eyes, and listening ears, are those of his children. Too many men become hit-and-run fathers, leaving their children to grow up in poverty; in disorganized, discipline-lacking homes where, too often, children train for a lifetime of crime and …hit-and-run parenting. How can a father teach discipline, boundaries and limitations, when he has none? Such a man is still a child, himself, and needs Ron Paul as a role model and leader; Cesar Millan to take control of behaviors and maintain a tight leash.

Immature, undisciplined mothers, even grandmothers, flaunt tattoos, piercings, inappropriate clothing. Immature, undisciplined mothers proudly draw attention to their nasty mouths; rude personalities; to their too-often-unattractive cleavage, and more. Too many mothers, whether attractive or not, have become downright repulsive. They have so little self respect, and no regard for their children, screaming at them in public; dragging them by the hand through stores; failing to teach them to appreciate, respect, and take advantage of Life’s opportunities. Shamelessly, immature and undisciplined mothers become pregnant without marriage; hold fathers to no obligations; but expect taxpayers to support their bad decisions; their bad habits. Immature, undisciplined mothers keep disorganized and dirty homes; providing poorly planned meals, if they provide any at all. Too many, and the number continues to grow, just lack the basic instincts of parenting. Observe the animals around you. The animals parent with more wisdom and common sense than a growing number of today’s mothers, who lack the character and morals necessary to instill character and morals in their children. Ron Paul most certainly has his work cut out for him, but I have no doubt that he will handle it well. Mrs. Paul is a picture of grace, decorum, and prudence. There is no other I would send in her stead to be the role model for mothers, everywhere.

Children…grow up as they have been guided, shaped, and led (or not led) by their families; by their schools and teachers; by the culture as sanctioned by the Supreme Court. The circle reaches its beginning and continues in ever more shocking and depressing steps; in ever more destructive cycles. We all must work together to save the children; to provide them with discipline, boundaries and limitations. If the tide does not turn soon, the United States of America will die out with our older generations, if not before. America will be Nevermore.

I do worry so about the future of America. If another socialist like Hillary; if another fear monger like Bush; should win the 2008 election, I fear that … the grafters; the looters; the entitlement classes; the unwise; the foolish; the stupid, and all those who base their voting decisions upon 30-second TV commercials (Thank you, Jim Trelease), will have chosen the ‘leader’ that they very much deserve. However, the rest of us do not want, and do not deserve, what the Hillary’s, the McCain’s, the Bush’s have to offer. We deserve Better, and ‘Better’ is only attainable with Dr. Ron Paul as President. If only Cesar Millan could be his running mate…

Possibly President Ron Paul would consider The Dog Whisperer for a Cabinet post. A new position could even be created—Head of Cabinet Heads—and Cesar could start there. What about "Comptroller of Congress and (its cohort in crime—that policy-writing, culture-warping, irresponsible) Supreme Court"?

The Dog Whisperer is experienced and successful in handling the most manipulative, vicious, devious, dangerous creatures. He may as well begin at the top to provide the much needed retraining and remediation, then I cannot wait to watch him in action as he deals with Congress, next. Cesar’s expense account would be minimal, for he accomplishes wonders using a short leash.

Dr. Ron Paul has delivered hundreds, thousands of babies. Planning for; preparing for; then bringing about healthy births is his area of expertise. Let us put him In Charge, then strongly support him as he plans, prepares, and brings about the rebirth of this nation and a return to its Constitutional Republic roots.

"Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives have swiveled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark." (Spoken by Peekay in The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay, pg 60)

Dr. Ron Paul’s philosophies and goals are far from random; hugely larger than slight; but the changes he will bring about will be remarkable; certainly "like a meteorite striking the earth." Ron Paul is the person to support and elect to the office of President of the United States of America in 2008. He is our chance to swivel and change directions. We must act to support this only foreseeable opportunity to return America to its wise, intelligent, productive, culturally-healthy, freedom-securing Founding Principles.