War on Terror Spawns War Crimes Charges in Somalia


When a Bush-backed “regime change” is in high gear, you can bet that war crimes are not far behind. And so it has proved in Somalia, where a senior European Union security official has told the organization that the American-trained and American-funded Ethiopian invaders and their Somali allies “may have committed war crimes and that donor countries could be considered complicit if they do nothing to stop them,” the Independent reports.

The official’s message to the EU’s Somalia delegation detailed:

“the exact statutes that were violated. They included intentionally directing attacks against civilians and ordering the displacement of civilians for reasons related to the conflict,” the Independent notes. “‘In regard to the abovementioned potential violations of international law there arise urgent questions of responsibility and potential complicity in the commission of war crimes by the European Commission and its partners,’ the e-mail said. The European Commission has been a major financial backer of the Somali government and the African Union peacekeeping mission, which is currently made up of only Ugandan troops…The United States is also a major financial supporter of the Somali government and the peacekeepers, pledging more than $120 million.”