Computer Tips and Privacy


Here are some computer tips for those of us who are anti-state, anti-war, and pro-market. First off, I’m not against Microsoft software, I use Windows 98 [Windows_98]. It’s just that the Mozilla [Mozilla] and other programs work much better and offer more security from hacker viruses, spam, and trojans than Microsoft products.

Download Firefox. [GET firefox HERE]. Do it NOW. Never use Internet Explorer (MS IE6 or IE7) again. I also use Opera [OPERA HERE] & [DOWNLOAD HERE] as a back-up but it doesn’t have the features Firefox does. It’s important to never use Internet Explorer because hackers target it since it is widely used.

An amazing Firefox “add-on” [] is the capability to spell check your typing inside a web browser page by adding this important add on: US English Dictionary. [GET IT] I’m using it to correct my spelling as I type. It’s a great way to check your spelling, so long as you “idiot check” the program before you send your email message.

The following Firefox add-ons are critical to simplify your Internet browsing experience: Download “adblock” at ADBLOCK. You can clear out tons of junk off web pages. And while you’re at it download the “adblock Filter update” from [GET IT HERE]. You can make ads and images on web pages disappear.

“Fasterfox” is a must. Get it: [GET IT HERE]. It will speed up your surfing.

For Windows XP, add “Keyscrambler.” [GET IT HERE] This is a “must have”.

“Flashblock” is perhaps the greatest add-on. It replaces flash animations with a button that you can choose to click. It cuts way down on the amount of Flash crap you have to wade through to view a site. Get it here: [PRESS HERE FOR Flashblock]

Firefox 2.0 does have a tiny URL creator. It’s wonderful. Get it: [GET IT HERE]

And the most important thing for privacy advocates who have the bandwidth: Get “TrackMeNot.” [GET IT HERE] It protects against search data profiling by issuing randomized queries to popular search engines with fake data. I clear all my cookies and other private data when I close Firefox, but I relish the idea that I am clogging search engines with random queries such as: “….. Light Works,been variously dated,Brand name products,Current Unlisted Number,Translate this page , statement continually executes, will forward your details,your international removal,Dutch Auctions Prove More Efficient, Blind Books… ”

Another add-on that I don’t use enough is “Chatzilla.” Chatzilla is an Internet Relay Chat [Internet_Relay_Chat] client that you can use to communicate with others real time. It’s great to find out in real time what other people are thinking when one of the perpetual wars we’re getting into breaks out. You can get it here: [GET CHATZILLA HERE.]

For emailing, get the free email program “Thunderbird.” [GET IT HERE]. You can transfer all your email and addresses [read about it HERE] from Outlook Express [Read About OE here]. It’s wonderful, although I use Yahoo [Read about YAHOO! HERE.] for most of my email and especially for the bulk filtering capability. Enigmail [Get Enigmail HERE] is the plug-in you’ll want to get for smooth encryption or for GNU PGP signing of your emails. If everyone used encryption, the National Security Agency [Read about the NSA HERE] would go out of business. They can’t decrypt everything.

While you’re at it, get a “throw-away” email address from for all your forms and subscriptions on the internet. Keep your real email address private. When you forward e-mails to people, it is important to use the “BCC” [Read About BCC and emailing HERE ] function on your e-mail program. Read why here: [Read about what Claire WOLFE thinks about using “BCC” HERE. ].

Recall if you may that Alberto Gonzales [Read about him HERE] (I can’t believe he is the Attorney General) wants all ISPs to stockpile at least 6 months worth of browsing history Read about this Privacy Intrusion HERE so that the powers that be can better find out if you have been on unpopular sites such as this site [Hot Naked UK Women.].

For a simple introduction into computer privacy, first read and understand this web page: [Press HERE.]

For totally private browsing, use TORPARK [Press HERE to read about it.] get it here: Press HERE To download Torpark. You can even download the program into a flash drive and use it while surfing on public computers. You get a secure and encrypted tunnel to a site you are viewing, and you will leave NO tracks behind.

For communications point-to-point, you MUST get Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) [Read about the history of PGP HERE] or “Open Source” PGP. Make certain you use a strong pass phrase. I use GNU PGP [Download GNU PGP HERE] which is an “open source” encryption program that meshes with Thunderbird. Test the system a lot before you use it. PGP or GNU PGP isn’t intuitive. As far as anyone knows, the NSA cannot break PGP because it takes too many computer cycles to search the possible keys.

For communications to others use chains of “Mixmaster” [Read about Mixmaster HERE] and [Read more HERE. ] Many users of anonymous re-mailers use a program called quicksilver. Try it : Download Quicksilver HERE. This is an e-mail client which makes the Mixmaster program work with your ISP’s e-mail system. Make certain you send test messages to USENET (Use a *.test group) and try sending e-mail to yourself before using it for sensitive communications. The future of Mixmaster is the Mixmaster 3.0 version known as “Mixminion” [Read about MIXMINION HERE] but I feel it is still in a development stage and not ready for routine use.

For “light” anonymity purposes, try the German web-based re-mailer “Anonymouse” [Link to Anonymouse HERE] IMPORTANT: Test it first to make sure you understand how it works. For example, you should post to a USENET test group and send e-mail to yourself.

For keeping those nasty “naked-teenager.jpg” on your computer from your wife, use a disk encryption utility such as Scramdisk [Get SCRAMDISK HERE.]. I recommend using Triple DES as the encryption cypher when you first use Scramdisk to create a container.

Do erase files and spare disk space using Eraser, found at [Press HERE for Eraser.]. You can set up this utility to wipe your swap file, temporary internet files, and disk free space. Did you know that you must “erase” a file rather than simply use the “delete” function in Windows? Windows “delete” is NOT secure, you must wipe the files [Read about File Wiping HERE.] with Eraser.

If you use these tips you will have a much more secure and private Internet experience. And “Chimpy McFlightsuit” PRESS HERE and his minions won’t be able to tell either what you are doing with or where you are surfing to on your computer.


February 7, 2007