Twelve million illegal aliens in USA and NOW they want to build a wall?

Although New Orleans is down to 190,000 people for lack of repair, our government is funding a wall with Mexico, which will certainly inhibit trade.

It brings to mind that other wall, the Berlin Wall, which I first saw from both sides in 1975, when it was less than 15 years old, and lasted barely another 15 years. We know why the Berlin Wall was built of course, to keep East Berliners in.  It was quite cruel, manipulative, hard-core communist thug politics.

But what was the official East German reason for the Wall?  What excuse could they use to sell such a monstrosity to the East German people?  Believe it or not, the German Communists claimed it was to keep West Berliners out of East Berlin, to protect the East German way of life from West German and Western lawlessness.  The chief reasons were three:

  1. Economic… West Europeans come to live in East Berlin, because East Germany was a welfare state. West Germans come for free education, welfare, and medicine, a drain on the East Germany economy.
  2. Some West Germans work in East Germany, and spend in West Germany, repatriating money that should stay in the local economy.
  3. Security… spies, terrorists, etc., come from West into East.

Now of course, this may all be true, but wouldn't a better response be to try freedom? Trust the German people to take care of themselves, instead of creating a welfare state in which walls are a cruel necessity? Especially, as time told, the wall won't work?  The worst part of course, is after the reasons failed to ring true, and people began to escape, the East Germans would kill people who tried to go from East Berlin to West Berlin.

Let’s look at the reasons USA is building a wall with Mexico.

  1. Economic… Mexicans come to live in USA, because USA is a welfare state.  Mexicans come for free education, welfare, medicine, hurting the USA economy.
  2. Some Mexicans work in USA, and spend in Mexico.
  3. Security… spies, terrorists, etc., come from Mexico into USA.

Now of course, this may all be true, but wouldn't a better response is try freedom? Trust the American people to take care of themselves, instead of maintaining a welfare state in which walls are a cruel necessity. The worst part of course, is US security officers already have killed people, including US citizens, who try to escape into Mexico, instead of letting Mexico arrest them.  (As West Germany arrested anyone escaping from the East, at least until they can determine why they left…  Asylum…? Criminal?)

An irony about the wall is the East Germans had to allow the wall to be taken down for the same reason they put it up: to keep the East Germans from leaving. Once the door opened slightly, everyone began to flee from the East. The only way to get people comfortable with staying in the East was to take down the wall!

The deal was Mexicans could come and work and pay taxes and they would go relatively unmolested, what with the USA population ageing and the Mexican population getting younger. An ideal fit.

To fund and commence building "illegal immigrant concentration camps" as we have, and to fund and commence a "Berlin Wall" as we have is to marry an insult with a threat to Mexicans in America. Twelve million of them. We are breaking an understanding.

I've met occasionally over the years ignorant, angry immigrants who criticize their host country, USA. Now I am meeting intelligent, angry immigrants who criticize. The former we could ignore.

I am not worried whether or not our leadership is like the old East German thugs, I just wonder if the American people are any different than the German people.

November 2, 2006