How To Celebrate July 4th Weekend

Ah yes, July 4th, the day we supposedly celebrate independence. Don’t make me laugh. You can go down this list of annoyances and it would not take much to see that they’re all mostly there again. So how does one celebrate the day that at one point increased freedom a bit but no longer applies? How else but by being a contrarian!

Sure, go out and start the grill, have some friends over, crack open some brews, yet for some that might not cut it. So here I offer some healthy and friendly advice. Some of these things might indeed be risky from a legal point yet they are totally compatible with freedom and property rights, so enjoy it and feel proud of being somewhat more independent, if only for a short time.

My top 10 suggestions:

  • Hire anyone you believe is qualified to do the job. Do not check for credentials, do not pay social security/medicare and for the sake of all that is good, do not withhold money from their paycheck. Better yet, pay cash.

  • Buy gold or silver. What better way to secure your dollars from the decaying hands of the Federal Reserve than by buying historically sound money?

  • Sell hot dogs and lemonade to your neighbors, or have a garage sale. Do not obtain a license and do not pay sales tax. Make it as simple as possible and enjoy totally free transactions between friends and family, as it should be. Teach the kids the value of work, money and freedom.

  • Obtain fireworks and set them off. If your state government believes (oh, the horror) that you are better off not having them, find some anyway through an intermediary or just drive to the state border

  • Buy a gun from someone not behind a counter. Then keep it on you.

  • (Try to) travel without an ID. This great victimless crime is a prime example of the State’s desire to control everything and everyone. Conform or be jailed.

  • Deliver first class mail around your block. Make it a fun walk and bring your kids. Yes, this is a bit silly, but the Feds have monopolized the delivery of first class mail in the country. Spooner had a nice go at it but he was shut down. Do not ever try to do evil things such as deliver mail, for the government hates competition.

  • Install and use software with strong encryption and enjoy secretive email and instant messaging. Sure, there could be ways of cracking the code and revealing the messages but it’s the thought that matters.

  • Drive without your license while talking on your cell phone without wearing your seatbelt or helmet.

  • Start a home improvement project: build a pool, a new room, a bigger garage. It’s your house and land right? You do not need permission from your local tyrant or council or any of their thugs and beasts to use your own property or add to it.

All these activities will provide not only hours of healthy entertainment but relaxes the mind and temporarily frees the spirit from the toxic background radiation of the government. Happy 4th of July.