A Very Kind Master

Our master is very kind.

Our master allows us to keep half of the money we make at work. The other half goes to help other workers. They could get sick or fired and thus the master would help them through our compassionate contributions.

Our master protects our minds when we watch TV or listen to the radio. We are very sensitive to profanity and obscenity and thus our master takes care of our children and families so that they will grow up in a healthy environment.

Our master performs marvelous public works. Often times our homes need to be demolished so that a highway, or a store or a school can be built there. This does not worry us; we are compensated and happy to accept our fate for the benefit of society.

Our master has an extensive list of things that we cannot ingest. Only a healthy society can be a free society. When our minds and bodies are in unison with the master’s desires, there is peace and cooperation.

Our master looks out for our country and national interests by performing preemptive actions that neutralize foreign aggressors and diminish any desire for future attacks against us.

Our master monitors our conversations and communications. This guarantees that any potential threat is handled before innocent people are hurt. We are much safer this way. It is better to stamp out evil before it adopts human form.

Our master cares so much for us that large publications of rules and regulations have been distributed among us so that we can follow them for our own good. Our businesses can now thrive. Market failures are a thing of the past. We welcome any new guidelines and yearn to enact them immediately.

Our master keeps all the weapons, watches over us and keeps us safe. We cannot harm each other now.

Yes, our master is very kind. Let us go to sleep tonight knowing that we are in great hands.