The Evil Men Do

Just when I think things can’t be worse, I find out they are. Like a good many people, I’ve gradually become accustomed to the blatant tyranny emanating from the District of Criminals. It’s almost a relief to have the executive tell us point blank that the Constitution, the congress, and the courts don’t matter. Neither do the people, as long as we obediently labor for the state. Wars of aggression? No surprise. Rendition, torture, concentration camps? No surprise. Universal snooping? No surprise. What about depleted uranium bombs, bullets, and armor? Oh my. I suspect that Americans have little idea of the evil being done in our name.

Last week a friend sent me this link to an essay by Arun Shrivastava, who writes a fair warning on the danger of DU. Ever the skeptic, I started searching for more information. I didn’t like what I found.

Naturally DC has been lying about the danger all along, but the unexamined issue is why did they decide to use these weapons at all? Why did we need armor piercing ordinance against "enemies" who had no armor? Were we up against tanks and battleships in the Balkans and Afghanistan? Were Iraqi tanks impervious to conventional weapons? Are mud-brick buildings really that tough? What is the point of seeding a region with radioactive aerosols and dust that will kill for generations to come? Only one comes to mind: Depopulate the region.

Is DC capable of such monumental evil? Obviously. They even believe they can garrison this Land of Death. Do they believe there is magic in political boundaries? Apparently. But the dust will spread around the world and radioactive fallout will rain on us again, as it has done since July 1945, after the first atomic detonation in White Sands, New Mexico. Fatal cancers will increase (sure, blame smoking), and even the elite will fall.

Did we Americans ever get over our love affair with nuclear weapons? It doesn’t look like it. Now we have radioactive GIs coming home with the gift of cancer for themselves and their loved ones. Is this evil enough to satisfy the plutocrats who yearn for ever more power? I have only one question for them: If every continent loses three-hundred million people, who wins? The arithmetic is simple.

"The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones." Shakespeare sure got that right.

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