Quit Whining

Quit Whining! Homeland Security Works and Doesn’t Waste Taxpayer Money

by Greg Perry by Greg Perry

It seems all I hear about is moaning and groaning about Homeland security. I say, if it saves one life isn’t it worth it?

The critics say:

  1. It’s too intrusive
  2. It costs too much
  3. It doesn’t save lives of innocent Americans

I Can Prove Homeland Security is Safe, Cheap, and Effective

We live in a rural area just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma. I’m here to tell you that — at least in Tulsa — we’re exceedingly thankful for Homeland security this week.

Nothing you say is going to convince me otherwise that Homeland security is a costly, bloated, intrusive quagmire of red tape and bureaucracy. Quite the opposite! We should work to increase the number of people who are a part of Homeland security immediately.

Last Saturday, 2 men walked into a Tulsa-area grocery store. The store is named Homeland Grocery Store, and is one of 50 regional Homeland groceries throughout Oklahoma.

One of the men pointed a gun at the people in the store. He demanded money.

A 75-year-old man in a check-out line drew his concealed-carry gun and shot the armed robber.

The thief dropped his weapon, began bleeding profusely, first ran, then walked, then crawled to the door, and exited with the help of his accomplice who got him to the getaway car.

Once the Police arrived the 75-year-old man showed them his concealed carry permit and gun. The Police have not charged the 75-year old man.

The Cost of Homeland Security

It’s difficult to calculate how many innocent Homeland grocery store customers’ lives were saved as a result of this week’s Homeland security show of force.

The monetary cost is simple to figure.

If the elderly man reloads his own ammo and the cops didn’t keep his .357 caliber brass casing, the price of this Homeland security was probably less than 40-cents. Hard to know exactly but who can really put a price on freedom?

Let’s round up and say the true cost of Homeland security was less than $1.

I’ve proved my point. A perfect example of Homeland security.

  1. Intrusion? The only intrusion was the bullet entering the bandit’s body
  2. Cost? Under a buck and probably between a quarter and 50-cents
  3. Did it work? Linda Lewis, a Homeland grocery store employee, said, "If it hadn’t been for him (the armed customer), there’s no telling what would have happened.”

See — the system works!

The Real Shocker

The biggest surprise in all this is that the innocent, elderly, 75-year old man was not charged with any crime. Given Amerika’s courts and justice system today, one would think for sure that any law-abiding innocent man who shot to defend himself and those around him would be charged with attempted murder at the least.

Does his lack of arrest portend that a change is in the air for good?

Does his lack of arrest give us hope that Amerika’s criminal justice system is turning back toward a more sane time when good people could feel secure and the criminal would fear wrath?


As an acquaintance of mine sometimes says: the man’s lack of arrest is not a victory; it’s just a random act in a mindless system. Our justice system. It’s not really a justice system… it’s just… a… system.

By the way, a reader recently wrote to me and said she was disappointed I didn’t know how to spell Amerika correctly. When it comes to eroding rights of innocent citizens trying to defend themselves, I intentionally spell it Amerika for reasons most will understand.

The Insurance Secretaries

Speaking of the Police, I’m generally respectful of the front-line Police. Many of them are better men than I given how they put their lives on the line for civilians.

But let’s face it. The Police generally serve only two purposes:

  1. After a crime, they file paperwork that insurance companies need to pay robbery and life insurance claims.
  2. They are the clean-up crew. They haul off the trash; that is, the relatively few criminals who are unfortunate enough to get caught.

My point is, calling 911 instead of relying on the 75-year old man’s own Homeland security would have resulted in the robbery taking place and perhaps one or more innocent people getting shot. Money would be taken, lives might be ended or maimed, and the costs would be extraordinary.

Fortunately, our Homeland security cost less than a can of Coca-cola and the best thing is, the cost was not borne by the taxpayers but by a voluntary private citizen.

Maybe Homeland Security Is a Bit Too Costly in One Respect

I might agree that some of the costs associated with Homeland security are too steep. By the time one takes the requisite concealed carry weapons course and pays for the CCW license, you’ve spent about $200. And you must renew the license ever 5 years.

As I said in Don’t Take Ayn Rand to a Gunfight, the concealed carry license is nothing but a bribe. 60 years ago, when you wanted the Mafia to leave you alone, you’d pay them off with “hush money.” The word “license” is government code talk for “hush money.” Pay them their hush money license fees and they’ll leave you alone. For now at least. Right now, they care more about the vigorish than anything else.

As For Me and My House

We’ll shop more at Homeland grocery stores in the future. It’s too bad they aren’t in other states yet. Until they are, stop whining about Homeland security and get on board!

You don’t have to wait for Homeland security to be available in your area. Implement your own Albertson’s security, A&P security, Ralph’s security, Safeway security, Kroger security, and Wal-Mart security and do it today.