The Worst and Dumbest

The Duke, Congressman Randy Cunningham, is America’s self-proclaimed Super Hero and Super Patriot. A real Top Gun Navy pilot and decorated Vietnam Ace, he boasted endlessly about being the “Model” for Tom Cruise’s Super Hero in “Top Gun.”

Like all of America’s Super Patriots, jingoistic war-mongers and creators of foreign Demons for those filled with blood lust to attack and murder, The Duke is a very ignorant man who knows little about human or American history and far less about other cultures and civilizations around the world he wants to “Liberate” by annihilating and ruling them. He represents the district just north of where we live on the coast in La Jolla, California. I have endured his self-proclamations of wisdom and superiority for years in the local and national Big Media, which were lavish in their coverage and boosterism for his ignorant and preposterous blasts.

There is nothing personal in my loathing for what he represents in America. I assiduously avoid any personal contact or interest in these self-proclaimed Christian warmongers and annihilators of nations and war criminals, since I know such bigots are totally closed to any facts or reasoned discussions against their global imperialism wrapped in the shining armor of totally deceitful claims of Freedom and Liberation and Democracy. I must have argued with thousands of these Worst and Dumbest over fifty years and finally gave up.

Personally, the fallen Duke is an object of pity. His tearful confession for the judge and tv cameras that he has betrayed his country, his family, his friends, and his constituents (but not his God?) is obviously a ploy to get a reduced sentence at Club Fed once he rats out his vast web of co-conspirators in plea bargaining, but it also touches that chord of pity in us. I would gladly forgive him and grant him total pardon, if he would tell the American people in simple, heart-felt honesty how his Republicrat Party has betrayed the Constitution, the American nation, mankind and God in their lust for power, vanity, blood, conquest, and wealth.

The Super Patriot Duke made a major contribution to all of this Total Corruption at the Top of America that is now destroying the heart of America – the love of Freedom – and the soul of the Constitution – the laws against all big government and other concentrations of power that constitute in themselves the destruction of freedom. But he is a small time player, a mere supporting actor for Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, Clinton, DeLay, Kerry, and all the top leaders of the Republicrat Gang of Thousands. He will now be abandoned and trashed by all of them not in danger of immediate indictment and imprisonment from his anguished plea bargaining, as they beat their Breastplate of Righteousness to “prove” to the uneducated and totally paid off rich that they are not part of that cesspool of corruption.

The Duke is their Super Patriot wingman. He has always done their bidding. He represents them and all the rottenness and filth and slime and sleaze in this New America of immense secret police armies and imperial conquests and mass murders and war crimes and tortures around the globe.

It is what he represents and supports slavishly, the Totally Corrupt Republicrat System, that I loathe, not this pitiful shell of a Top Gun for the Party. He succumbed to all the immense temptations of that System they have built over the past century and was swept away by hubris into vast crimes and self-betrayals in the same way all of us would be if we were transformed as he was from a real person into a Super Hero of The System.

As you watch the Duke and his army of co-conspirators weeping in shame at having been caught, remember that these were once decent, real human beings inspired by human and Godly values who were swept away to become the worst and dumbest in our nation and destroyed by the Republicrat System in the same way you or I would be. No one can or ever has resisted those godlike powers. Tremble at the recognition of the fact that The Duke represents and is what everyone at the top of that vast pyramid of power has become. And feel the dread that is now gripping mankind as the Super Power sinks into this ghastly vortex of corruptions that threatens the world.

December 8, 2005