Thank God for George W. Bush's Freedoms

Thank God that the Louisiana and Mississippi National Guard is over in Iraq, doing God’s will by building American style democracy. Thank God that George W. Bush has decided that it is the duty of all Americans to pay tax money out of their pockets and to sacrifice their kin — mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters — for the freedom and happiness of the people of Iraq. Thank God that American helicopters were over in Boon-bag Iraq blasting out locals — instead of back home filling sand bags and evacuating people — so that Americans can spend their tax dollars to give to Halliburton to rebuild that God forsaken den of Mohammed worshippers and unbelievers.

Hell, think ahead, America, why should Halliburton be given tax dollars only to build stuff in Iraq — when it just gets blowed up — if they can build stuff over in the good old USA so that it can go the way of Atlantis? Build America, I say!

Who cares about New Orleans? Who cares if one of America’s oldest, most historical and most beautiful cities is destroyed? Hell, how many Americans have ever even been to New Orleans? How many Americans have ever been to Iraq? Who cares about those people? Who cares about those stinking Iraqis? I know most of you wouldn’t give one of those camel jockeys the time of day. Why shouldn’t those former French colonists be treated any better than a bunch of Arabs that you or I have never met? Hell, in today’s George W. Bush’s America, they shouldn’t, should they? Consider the fact that most Americans still consider Iraq so important that they support Bush’s helicopters for Fallujah more than they support American helicopters for the French quarter. Makes you damned proud to be an American, don’t it?

Damn! That’s what makes America great; brings a tear to your eye. Americans are always willing to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of people they don’t even know. Hell, for the betterment of people who they actually hate.

Of course, in the war on terror, the destruction of New Orleans is a small price to pay. Hell, we destroyed one of civilizations oldest and most historical cities — we destroyed the cradle of human civilization — when we bashed the hell outta Baghdad. Why should those Iraqi’s get all the freedom and fun? Why should Americans give a rat’s ass about the destruction of one of America’s most famous cities: New Orleans? A former French colony (just like Vietnam) I might add.

Why should it be the Iraqi’s only who can enjoy the freedom of having no clean water and no electricity? Why should the Iraqi’s have all the fun of chaos and being able to run wild in the streets looting the local Big 5 Sporting Goods Store? Why should it be the Iraqi’s who have no place to stay and no food to eat? Why should it be just the Iraqi’s who can look forward to being dirt poor and starving and having cholera and dysentery? Why shouldn’t George W. Bush’s America share in the fun of having children dying of disease and malnutrition? Why should the Iraqi’s be one of the few who enjoy having a winter of ravaging diseases to look forward to that will decimate the economy and kill half their children?

No sir; Americans aren’t that way. They wish to share with the world their prosperity and riches.

George Bush’s America has brought this freedom to Iraq… It’s only fair that Americans can enjoy these same fruits of democracy — if even in a roundabout fashion — these delicious fruits of the Iraq War.

Welcome to Iraq, the Louisiana and Mississippi National Guard; stay in Iraq. Your neighborhoods have all gone down the trash can and toilet bowl — so it’s too late to come back anyway, but hey! Your country needs you in Iraq. Welcome to a small part of the blowback from this war started by an idiot and a liar.

Thank God you folks have George W. Bush. You need to stay the course.