Make Room for Daddy

We all remember the trials and tribulations of childhood — when we would quarrel with friends and end up as the odd one out. Feeling that the entire world was against us; standing with our backs against an imaginary wall of global censure; lips quivering, we would shout, “I’m gonna tell my Daddy! My Dad is gonna make you be nice to me! You just wait and see!”

So stands Bush the Younger, with his back against a wall with real public censure and distain crashing down upon him like bricks from flooded buildings in New Orleans. He deserves the criticism — for the disastrous governmental bungling of the New Orleans disaster; for FEMA’s counter-assistance (the buck stops with the presidency); for his selfish, petulant insistence that war continue in Iraq; for his inability to use the English language with accuracy, let alone with sincerity, sympathy, and eloquence; for his cry for help — “Daddy!”

As if one Bush weren’t enough, now we have two of them telling us how wonderful the federal non-response was and how if Americans will just keep donating money, the federal non-miracle can continue to spin. And spin. With more money they can do more flyovers and more photo ops at soup lines that probably close for the day once the photographers finish. And spin. With more money they can fill the airwaves with lies…ads, about the success and greatness of FEMA. And Spin.

Now Clinton has joined them. I did try not to chuckle as I recalled that old suggestive joke about Clinton and two Bushes. See no evil; hear no evil; do no… Yup. Sure. We’ll believe that. Next we’ll hear that they are selling some great waterfront property on the bayou.

I just heard Bush the Younger say that it was important to look at the New Orleans situation to sort out the federal from the state and local responsibilities. Ah…excuse me. Remember back around Y2K when ALL local and state emergency plans were put under FEMA control? The Feds castrated local autonomy via a stack of presidential edicts, yet now Bush wants to take the heat away from himself and point the finger at the states and cities for not responding. He obviously thinks that we have forgotten the usurpation of our rights and our responsibilities, but with Daddy the Elder standing behind him, he probably feels just about invincible.

Now those three only need to ask Tom DeLay to join their spin session, and the show can take to the road. DeLay’s statement that the fault is with the state and local agencies just tops the stinking cake!

I sat in on local FEMA-directed meetings back in those pre-Y2K years. I watched the local stooges dance to the FEMA tune as FEMA stripped them of all local initiative and of all local power. FEMA declared itself the One-Stop, One-Size-Fits-All Emergency Agency for any and every emergency. When we would question the local puppet regarding specific plans for our area in the event of a catastrophic emergency, the guy’s mouth would open and FEMA script would play out. I pointed out the obvious, and not-so-obvious games being played as FEMA pulled all agencies into its web of deception and total control over the populace. There the stooge sat, saying nothing, for no one had written him a script for dealing with my type of brutal honestly. I stormed out, Irish temper blazing, and never attended another of the fraudulent proceedings!

Now DeLay stands there with a straight face and tries to blame local people. For Shame!!

Make way for Daddy Government, but when the chips are down, don’t look behind you, for you will see nothing but the fannies of federal officials as they turn tail, cut and run. For Shame.

Childhood is behind us, but our trials and tribulations are greater than ever. My own appeals will be to those fine men who founded this nation, and to the Power who guided them.

“Founding Fathers! Fools have usurped our states; destroyed their individuality and autonomy; then forced them be part of a grand scheme for national, eventually to be global, tyranny. Too many of the People were lulled into believing the charade of the benevolent Nanny State, just as many of you feared would happen. I am indeed glad you are not here to see how bad it is; how much worse it becomes daily. I am relieved that you are not here to watch a grown man need his Daddy’s presence in a vain attempt to draw attention away from a president’s multitude of stupid, dastardly, and deadly deeds. It does not feel like a free America, anymore.”

“I do wish that you had written specific directives that would help the People light fires under the fannies of career politicians — directives that would force them to immediately impeach George W. Bush, then run his cabinet out of DC on a rail… “

No, it really doesn’t feel much like America anymore.

May God help us all.