Marines Recruitment Offer

A month or two ago I received a form letter from the US Army, inquiring as to whether I had any Arabic-speaking friends of military age who might be interested in enlisting. Well, I know the Empire’s military hasn’t been meeting its goals lately (for obvious reasons) but, when I received the (attached) letter from the US Marines, it seems they are really getting desperate! I’ll admit that my "physical and mental limits" could probably use some "push" but I prefer to do that at my own pace (or at my wife’s urging), rather than being browbeaten by some DI into shaping up. An interesting query, of course, is how did they conclude that I have a "command of Arabic?" Have the Marines searched the USAID records and discovered that I worked for about six years in Egypt, Jordan and the Sudan on projects funded by that agency, such that I gained some knowledge of Arabic. Are they monitoring the amateur radio bands, listening to Arabic-language stations, such that they have heard me speak some of my limited Arabic and my sign off with a Muslim farewell in Arabic? Obviously, "Big Brother" has his ears on (no CB pun intended!). The saddest part of the letters from the US Army and US Marines is the obvious fact that the US Empire intends to keep meddling in the Middle East where it is just not welcome. What does it take for the idiots in charge, up there in the District of Corruption, to face the reality of that fact? Until the USofA learns to keep its big nose out of the affairs of other nations, and just attend to its own business, there will never again be a true sense of safety and stability in this country. I’ll send "The Corps" a brief note in the prepaid envelope which they kindly provided, declining their offer and adding that, even if I wasn’t almost 73 years old, I would not help expand the US Empire under any conditions.

September 16, 2005