Bush's War Crimes

Former Navy LT. and JAG officer Harvey THARP, made his first major speech at the San Luis Obispo County Library July 21st, 2005 to the HOPE DANCE Group of about 70–100 citizens. Mr. Tharp calls Ohio home and is working his way east spreading his view, as a former Navy JAG, that President BUSH is guilty of international violations of law amounting to “war crimes." MR. Tharp refused to be a part of “war crimes." Yet, he was proud of his military service as a JAG officer. He knows the law and was not going to violate international law or the U.S. Constitution for President Bush or anyone at NSA.

His message: George W. Bush and the “old Men” at the top of our Government are engaged in committing WAR CRIMES under international LAW. He, as a lawyer, trained in the law, was stationed for six months in Kirkuk, Iraq at their City Hall, with no discernable “chain-of-command,” no prior experience for the job assigned, and yet could pick up $50,000 in cash to distribute for starting up Civic reconstruction projects. With years in the Air Force and years in the US Navy as a JAG officer, Mr. Tharp had a clue about what is legal and what is illegal, unlawful, and in violation of national and international law.

A week later, Harvey Tharp made his first Television appearance on Santa Maria’s Comcast Channel 25, On Second Thought, hosted by Viet Nam Veteran, William J. Wagener [who is against Undeclared Wars]. Mr. Tharp made a clear representation that THIS Iraq War is about deception of Americans, about WAR CRIMES, using well meaning, but mis-guided American youthful soldiers to commit a WAR of Aggression under the cover story of stopping “Global Terrorists."

Asked how Mr. Tharp got to resign his officers Commission with almost a year of Service still owed the U.S. Navy, former Navy LT. Tharp explained that he had been, or was about to be reassigned to NSA, National Security Agency, and would be expected to write Propaganda for the Military to make WAR CRIMES appear to be just “collateral damage," necessary in our world wide fight to stop the alleged “terrorists." This masking of war crimes, Mr. Tharp explained to his state-side superior officer would make him an accessory to the on-going “war crimes” under international law, so he asked for and got his Resignation of his Officers commission accepted by his Navy Superiors. If it had been refused, he says he would still have refused to write political propaganda as acceptable “collateral losses” and gone to military prison. AS it is, he is free to speak out and is on his way to Dallas to join a convention of Veterans Against the War.

Mr. Tharp, age 32, is no kid looking for a thrill, looking for fame. He has no book to promote, and flatly states he is not founding a “movement." He is just asking Americans, especially the “conservative” to recognize that Bush is engaged in “WAR CRIMES." And to make a move against the war pushers, by “writing a letter” telling our Congressional and U.S. Senate representatives to STOP the war NOW… or tell them, “we will never again trust or vote for them." He was speaking to the liberals at SLO County library, but his message was aimed at convincing moderates and conservatives who don’t want to see their nation destroyed, to stop BUSH, stop the “endless Wars," join the liberals in the street protesting the new WAR with IRAN which has already started, secretly.

He compared the world stage to a gigantic “Chess game," with the War Mongers being about 1/3 and confidently making a move every 30 minutes, while the Peace People studied each Pro-War move on the Chess board, “judiciously” but made no move. Then the PRO-WAR players made another move, without waiting for the PEACE People to move, and now it was late in the “X-box game” where the WAR Mongers can attack any place on earth, with impunity, while the 2/3 of the people were divided. Some not even paying attention, some partially watching the chess match and a few judicially studying the WAR Mongers moves so long that they lose their opportunity to make a counter move. Now it is late in the game. IF “50 million Americans” will make a move, Write that letter, email or send a fax tell your representatives that “you want to believe in them, the Government” but if they let us be moved into IRAN for another WAR, you will not vote for them EVER again. That is Harvey Tharp’s single move to stop what President G.W. Bush’s calls the necessity of “Endless Wars” against “terrorist." To most of Europe and the World, Bush is beginning to look like a Hitler figure and the biggest “terrorist” on the planet.

Former Navy LT. Tharp points out, there WERE NO Weapons of Mass Destruction, WMD, in Iraq, Saddam has long been removed from power, and the lies are beginning to look very thin and transparent.

One of the astonishing things, Mr. Tharp said, was that on June 30th, when America supposedly turned civilian control of Iraq over to Iraqis, One billion Dollar$ were deposited into a bank in the Kurds held territory. And that whenever America pulls out, there will be instant strife and an internal war. The Kurds will settle for nothing less than autonomy, and the Islamics of both factions of Islam will not accept Kurdish autonomy. The longer we stay, the more wasted American soldier lives and the more “war crimes” by G.W. Bush will happen.

Tharp wants Conservatives to realize they have been betrayed by the “old men” at the top of our Government in Congress and White House, and should do something. “Make a move”

On a side issue, Mr. Tharp revealed he had become a “Lew Rockwell Libertarian” by reading Rockwell’s libertarian web site after work at 3 pm each day. He has yet to vote a straight libertarian ticket, but sees the view of less government, less wars.

August 29, 2005