The Most Honorable Thing a Patriot Could Do

Fight for your country my friends. Fight for the poor and destitute. Fight for the poor children who will never again have a father or mother. Fight for the aged and the handicapped. Fight for truth, justice, and peace.

Fight for your country. Do not fight for a political belief. Do not lay down your life for criminals, liars, and thieves. Fight to put those same criminals where they belong: In prison.

Fight for your country — do not fight for someone else’s country. Do not die far off in some foreign land. Do not die for the greed of an emperor or king. Fight to protect your homes and your loved ones — for there is nothing in this world more important than that. And if the Good Lord blesses you with health, a happy family, and love, and you one-day die in your sleep as a righteous old man or woman, rejoice that you stood for truth in your days on this earth. For you shall surely be rewarded by Him.

There is a test of wills going on right now in Crawford, Texas. It is a test of wills between a loving mother who lost her child — her child — in a war built on lies and deceit and a man who is representing the one we know as the supreme personification of evil. This man is a despicable liar. This man is a mass murderer — as well as those who associate with and support him. They must be stopped and they will be stopped. Need proof? Just look at this one woman’s faith. As you know, faith can move mountains.

Help support Cindy Sheehan in her efforts to stop this insane war. Help stop this war that is killing untold numbers of innocent children. Put an end to this disastrous war that is bankrupting you and your children’s future — as well as destroying your country.

Join with me as I plan on visiting Cindy and bringing a message of peace and support from the people of Japan. In-spite of what the mainstream mass media in the USA says, the average Japanese thinks this war is just as insane as the man who created it. And I want to let the American people know about it. Please, if you can, join Cindy too and show your support. Show the criminals — and the king — that you will not tolerate the Land of the Free becoming an international pariah.

I plan on leaving on Monday morning (Japan time) and hopefully arriving in Texas by Wednesday — Thursday at the latest. Won’t you please come and show your support for the truth and show your support for what America is really supposed to stand for?

If you cannot come yourself and personally support Cindy how about sending flowers in lieu of your presence? It’s easy. Amazon has a beautiful bouquet of red roses on sale now for $20 off at $19.99.

So please friends, help Cindy to fight for peace. Help her as she fights for the truth. Help her to end this senseless, criminal killing. After all, in the end, she is not only fighting for her child, she is fighting for yours and mine too. Isn’t that worth a small showing of your support?

I can think of no nobler cause than saving the lives of children. Can you?