George, Wake Up! Don't Ever Make Someone's Mother Angry

Cindy Sheehan‘s son Casey died in George Bush’s War in Iraq and she wants a face-to-face meeting with President Bush. She is camped out as close as authorities will let her get, to George’s home in Texas, where he is on vacation……on vacation while other Mother’s sons are dying in Iraq.

I don’t know why Ms. Sheehan wants this meeting, but I know that the woman is still grieving for her son and will be until the day she dies. She is asking the President of the United States for a few minutes of his time and he, so far, is unwilling to give it.

Now other women are starting to join in on this vigil, and George is looking worse and worse. Every mother knows the bond between them and their son. Every woman, even if they are for the war, can understand Cindy Sheehan’s loss, and their prayers go out for her.

George Bush will not win this one. Already there are people on the right trying to slander this grieving mother, and that will not work either. Cindy Sheehan represents every parent in America. She has given her most precious possession, her son, to George Bush’s War on Terrorism and she wants some answers.

Millions of mothers will soon be watching how this plays out and if George Bush does not want to destroy any chance for the military to keep an all-volunteer army, he had better handle this "mother" with compassion.

Every mother who has a son or daughter in Iraq or Afghanistan fears that she will someday feel the pain that Cindy Sheehan is living, and if George Bush blows this woman off, thousands more will bond with her and her cause. American mothers are a very powerful group, and you do not want to make them angry at you.