Psychothermia (Heat Anxiety) – Weapon of Mass Destruction

by William Campbell Douglass II, MD by William Campbell Douglass II, MD

There has never been a mass hysteria in the world compared to the present global warming fiasco. It's so comical and unreal that it defies belief. I thought the side stream smoke scam was as bad as it could get but the Greenland melt, the Himalaya crackup, the Eskimo panic, and the CO2 asphyxiation of us all makes me feel that I am living in an insane asylum.

Reuters Health tells us from the Internet that "EWEA says it can hit the target of generating 75 gigawatts of electricity – or 5.5 percent of demand – by 2010… With initiative and government intervention to remove long term support for the CO2-emitting fossil fuel power industry, this could rise to 12 percent by 2020." The underlining is mine – this is the key to the whole program of destruction we are facing. They are after control of your car, your temperature in your home and office, airline and bus transportation – control of all energy so they can ration it "fairly." Control of energy means control of the world – an international dictatorship.

The useful idiots who do most of the talking and agitating, the Bryonys of this world (more about this sad little girl below), will awaken some day and realize that they don't have enough heat in the house, no refrigeration so the food is rotting and there are no trucks to deliver more rotting food There is no more use of fossil fuel – coal, oil, natural gas – or nuclear; so the world is winding down. Only the windmills will be turning, but not for long, as there is no transportation, spare parts or wires to storage batteries and converters – all these things require fossil fuel for manufacture. The windmills themselves require fossil fuel for manufacture. The cost is so high in the producing of these Don Quixote contraptions that the net energy return is close to negative. Yet, in Germany, where it is rumored the people are intelligent, "wind energy" has received subsidies of 5 billion Zeros from German taxpayers. What is the real cost of this Psychothermia? The full costs of wind electric power are about 3–4-times that of nuclear, gas, or imported coal. (Ref: Prof. Alfred Voss, Director of Institute for Energiewirtschaft und Rationelle, Energieanwenundung/Univ. Stuttgart.)

Yet German environment minister Trittin claims that wind energy is cheaper than nuclear. How do these charlatans get away with these outrageous statements? With five billion in taxpayer funds, is it any wonder that windmills are cropping up like flowers in the spring? And the same thing is happening in the USSA. Power companies are being forced or bribed into the windmill business, which they know to be completely irrational and financially disastrous. I have friends who think wind power is a good investment now. They are probably right but you had better be ready to jump off the windmill before the centrifugal forces of irrationality and Psychothermia send the whole project into the winds of psychosis and despair.

“In the longer term, a sea area of 150,000 square kilometers … could provide enough power to satisfy all of Europe’s electricity demand,” an EWEA statement said. I never heard of this guy, EWEA, who says these preposterous things. Where is the scientific evidence? – There is none.

Even the animal huggers are abandoning their precious birds in favor of the human race – can you believe that? "Renewable energy specialist" Bryony Worthington of Friends of the Earth, says it's every man (and animal) for himself: "…birds have to take second place to saving the planet." Bryony says it’s all "scary": “The bottom line is that climate change is happening, endangering us all. It is extremely scary,” she told Reuters. Well, Bryony, this whole farce is indeed scary because you ignorant people are driving the world toward an "emissions control" international dictatorship that is designed to destroy our industrial society.

You've got to get a hold of yourself, Bryony. You have a condition called Heat Anxiety. It's similar to High Anxiety only more stupid. Your brain is heating up and will soon steam out from your ears and nose. Others will catch it (side stream steam) and in, fact, it is already happening, especially in the universities and psychiatric hospitals. So you see what you are doing? You are contributing to International Brain Steam, which really will cause global warming and, because of the Heat Anxiety you are creating concomitantly, you are causing rampant Global Browning. And pretty soon there will be no more toilet paper because you have denied us safe, clean and efficient nuclear power with which to turn wood into toilet paper. As a "renewable energy specialist," you need to think this through. Please read quotes from Dr. Fred Singer and repent before it is too late.

Please, Bryony, repeat after me: There is no global warming. There is no global warming. There is no global warming. Learn to live with it. Fret about something else like endangered human species such as smokers, white Christian males, and classical music lovers.

Ref: Quotes from Reuters Health on line, Dec, 2004.