It Is Now Time To Arrest Them All

Now this is a fool proof plan that was used with great success by both Nazi Germany and Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union. So, it is a proven tactic.

Instead of spending years trying to train enough Iraqis to control their own country, we can cut the time down and the number of trained Iraqis we will need, if we just arrest every man in Iraq between the age of 12 and 60.

Now I know that might sound a little radical, but we already have children in the prisons in Iraq now and if we can have those kids for maybe five years, we can reeducate them into our way of thinking. That worked just splendidly for the North Vietnamese after they beat us in our war and we left the South to fend for themselves. The North took those in the South that we trained, and made the ones who lived through their schooling into "good" Communists. Isn’t education great?

That brings up a great example of why what we are doing now, is not going to work. In our war in Vietnam, we had over a decade to train South Vietnamese troops. Heck we taught them how to fly airplanes, helicopters, drive tanks, and trucks. Then we gave them all the equipment they could ever use and way more guns and ammo than they would ever need and it didn’t work. We pulled our troops and the North defeated our "trained" Army of the South.

We could spend a decade training troops in Iraq, even better than we trained those Vietnamese and after we pull our troops, we might be back to square one in a matter of months and nobody is going to buy us attacking Iraq again. If we really want to control that oil, we better get this occupation thing down right the first time.

So, I think my plan will work. Well it really isn’t my plan, but some really successful despots have used this in the past, which makes George Bush perfect to lead this action. We build lots of prisons, (which America is very good at) and we grab every Iraqi male between 12 and 60 and put them in the slammer.

As the really young boys (under the age of 12) get older, we train them into being prison guards and like those we hold in Cuba, we keep every Iraqi we take now, in prison forever. With the young boys growing up, we get a population of males we can train without the bad influence of adult male Iraqis screwing everything up.

As Dick Cheney might say, this is a "win, win" all the way around.