No Way Jim, Uh-Uh, Don't Blame Me

I can’t believe the number of people who were upset with me, because I said we all share some of the responsibility for Bush’s War on terrorism.

Many people said they knew all along the war was wrong, so they have no blood on their hands. Others said because they didn’t vote for George, they couldn’t be held responsible, but those on the Religious Right are.

Some people wrote that the blood on their hands and on Bush’s hands was a badge of honor to cherish. Others said all the blood was on Osama’s hands, because he started the war.

Others blame the American Soldiers and said they should have refused to fight.

I know George Bush takes responsibility and that is one of the only things I respect him for. George has said on the record, with a note of pride, that he is a War President.

People who sit on the sidelines and say they didn’t vote for George or that they knew all along this War was wrong and therefore they take no blame are cowards. Those that put the blame on the Troops are worse.

Very few in America have risked anything in trying to stop the killing we are doing in the Middle East. Our news media have done everything they could to shield the American public from the realities of war. Most Americans can live their lives like this War isn’t even happening. Out of sight, out of mind.

I have to wonder what these people will say on Judgment Day. All Americans have benefited from our War economy. Millions of us make money, either directly or indirectly from our government killing people in foreign lands.

Lots of Americans have their jobs, because we have a War going on. Yes, we all know about the Merchants of Death, who make billions off the Military Industrial Complex and they are nice to have around to blame, but it takes millions and millions of Americans to supply our War machine.

We as Americans have a collective guilt in the killing of babies in Iraq and Afghanistan. The reports differ, but they all say we have killed tens of thousands of innocent people in Bush’s War on Terror. To the rest of the world it is America’s War on Terror and we are all Americans. If we felt that what our government was doing was wrong, then the world thinks we wouldn’t have re-elected George Bush.

Sorry to say this, but every American is now painted with the same brush by the rest of the world. Maybe when the time comes, you will be able to honestly tell Jesus that you had nothing to do with America’s killing and that no way did you benefit from all the death and destruction the United States Armed Forces rained down on the world. I hope you can, I know I can’t. I live here in America, better than almost anyone else lives on this planet. I was blessed to be born here. I thank God every day I am not living on two dollars a day like billions of humans are. If like me, you live the good life, in the United States, then you too are benefiting from our nation’s killing. So, for me, I have to ask for God’s forgiveness and keep trying to stop Washington’s madness. Maybe you can say, "not me."

I wish I could.