The Tyrannical State

"The difference between democracy and tyranny is not that in a democracy bad things don’t happen, but that in a democracy, when they do happen, people are held and brought to account." ~ Tony Blair

“We had an accountability moment, and that’s called the 2004 elections. The American people listened to different assessments made about what was taking place in Iraq, and they looked at the two candidates, and chose me.” ~ George W. Bush

George W. Bush defines accountability as the ability of a sociopath to convince the majority of those who seek to impose their ideas on others at the point of a gun, that he is the better choice between two liars. Lies are fine in the enterprise known as the State, as long as a majority of voters believe Bush’s lies more than the lies of his opponent.

George W. Bush’s "accountability moment" is analogous to the Mafia, in a desperate attempt at respectability, having a national election for the Capo di tuti capi.

Tony Blair does not believe for a moment the State should ever be held accountable for its actions, but he is between a rock and a hard place, trying desperately to convince the people of Britain that the revelation of torture and abuse of Iraqi detainees at Camp Breadbasket in Basra, Iraq, would be dealt with. Bush has had his accountability moment; Blair’s is on the horizon.

The American State, operating as a criminal element, has both an international and a domestic enforcement arm. Think how hard it would be for the Mafia to enforce their policies without leg-breakers and hit men. The international enforcement arm of the American State is the U.S. military, while the domestic arm is federal law enforcement.

The U. S. military is enforcing the wishes of the State on those in foreign countries with the philosophy: "We will give you democracy and make you like it — or we will kill you." To provide insulation from any and all wrongdoing, all necessary steps will be taken to ensure the military is never held accountable for the crimes of an aggressive war. The leader of this enforcement arm, Donald Rumsfeld, recently cancelled a trip to Germany to avoid his arrest for war crimes. If the Iraq war were legitimate, the State would welcome the chance to prove their case at an international forum, but they realize it is not safe to appear in court when your whole case is based on lies and you do not own the court and appoint and duck hunt with the judges.

The domestic arm of the criminal American State is a plethora of alphabet agencies, the FBI being the standard bearer. Where else in the annals of history has an entity been so corrupt and incompetent, and yet given more and more of our resources with which to grow more and more corrupt and incompetent? When exactly was the last time this enforcement arm had an "accountability moment?"

Recently, as reported by John Russell at IRN, a jury awarded 6.5 million dollars to a man who had been in prison for 14 years, 8 on death row, on charges that had been fabricated by 2 FBI agents because the man refused to become a "snitch." Totally avoiding their "accountability moment," the FBI has said the two agents will remain on the job and there was no mention of any form of discipline. The Chicago FBI office says that it is certain that the agents "were not guilty of misconduct." So fabricating evidence and lying to put an innocent man on death row is no cause for censure or rebuke. It certainly seems to fall right in line with the president’s beliefs and practices. The two agents who lied the man onto death row, will not only keep their jobs, but, we the taxpayer will be robbed to ante up the 6.5 million settlement.

Federal agents, such as those above, would have once been referred to as "rogue agents. " Now our criminal State gives that label to agents such as Gary Aldrich, Coleen Rowley, and Sibel Edmonds for their courage in bringing to light the nefarious acts of the State.

In the past 14+ years, the domestic enforcement arm of the criminal enterprise known as the American State has brought us murder at Ruby Ridge, where the FBI was found in contempt for withholding evidence, the murders at Waco and the attendant lies and cover-ups, the lies and malicious prosecutions of TWA 800, the debacle that was Oklahoma City, and working hand in hand with their cohorts of the international enforcement arm, they brought us 9/11!

In the dark recesses of the minds of those who allow the excesses and criminality of the State, incompetence and corruption is to be rewarded. The colossal failure of both enforcement arms of the American State on September 11th, 2001 met, not with censure, or dismissal, but a reward of more money and bigger and more oppressive government bureaucracies and the destruction of individual freedoms.

No greater hoax has ever been perpetrated on a free people than the supposition that the criminal state can investigate and discipline itself. When criminals appoint other criminals to investigate their crimes, we delude ourselves in expecting any form of justice. The Warren Commission, the hearings on Ruby Ridge, Senator John Danforth’s farcical investigation of Waco, the Oklahoma City Bombing cover-up, the absurdity of the TWA 800 investigation, and the mother of all cover-ups, 9/11, bear ample witness of the complicity of those who commit the crimes, with those who investigate them.

What exactly will it take for the majority of Americans to wake up to the criminality of the State? Are the trees, such as those listed above, so thick the forest cannot be seen?

I realize that many will be angered by my designation of the military as an enforcement arm of the criminal State. To those I would ask but one question: are members of the military honoring the oath they took upon entry into service and upholding and defending the Constitution of this country against enemies foreign and domestic, or are they supporting those who have chosen to ignore their oath of office and become the domestic enemies referred to in that document?

Those of us, who write, ostensibly to the remnant, have an awesome responsibility: we must never lead others into believing justice and accountability can be attained by the State policing itself. If we do, history will make liars of us all.