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    Big headline this weekend:


    Smaller headlines this weekend:

    Marine (TX) Killed in Crash Was Due Home Soon

    3 More Louisiana Guardsmen Killed

    Hawaii Soldier Killed in Iraq

    Son of Storm Lake (IA) Woman Killed in Iraq

    Reedley (CA) Soldier Killed in Iraq

    Martinsville (VA) Police Officer, Marine Killed in Iraq

    Pennsylvania County Loses Sixth Soldier in Iraq War

    NJ Marine Killed in Iraq Crash Always Wanted to Serve

    GI ‘Paying His Dues’ Dies in Iraq

    Northeast Ohioan Among Marines Killed in Deadly Helicopter Crash

    NC National Guardsman Dies in Iraq of Apparent Heart Attack

    Veteran (CA) Dies in Kuwait

    FL Marine Killed in Copter Crash

    Another Local Marine (TX) Among Dead in Iraq Crash

    N.H. Man Killed in Copter Crash

    IL Marine Killed in Copter Crash

    Marine From Macomb County (MI) Killed in Iraq Helicopter Crash

    Bay Area Marine Killed in Iraq Chopper Crash

    Carmel Valley (CA) Man Among Helicopter Crash Victims

    Vermont Marine Killed in Iraq

    Iowa Marine Killed in Copter Crash

    Utah Marine Killed in Copter Crash

    Ex-Centennial Student (IL) Was One of Marines Killed in Crash

    Iowa Marine With Ties to Texas Dies in Iraq

    St. Paul (MN) Soldier Killed; He Was Cretin-Derham Athlete

    Marine (TX) Killed in Crash

    Marine From Spotsylvania (VA) Killed in Iraq

    Texas Marine Dies in Iraq

    Wheelersburg (OH) Mourns a Hero

    Roseburg (OR) Marine Dies

    IN Family of GI Killed in Iraq Says Tour Was to End Next Month

    Vermont Leads Nation in Iraq Deaths

    Thanks to Carol Watson who researched and prepared this list for Sunday’s Antiwar.com.

    Jim Glaser [send him mail], a Marine Corps Vietnam War veteran and Commander of VFW Post 3869, works to educate the American public on the consequences of war. His personal website is James-Glaser.com.

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