Bush Finds More Pawns To Sacrifice

In his press conference today, George Bush acknowledged that the Iraqi civilians are "losing a lot of people." And he blamed the attacks on people who are trying to sabotage this weekend’s elections. He realized that some Iraqis feel intimidated (wouldn’t you?). So what is his advice to them? He said, "I urge all people to vote. I urge people to defy these terrorists."

Why not? After all, it’s not his life at risk. The people who will die are just anonymous numbers (not even counted by the U.S. military). If everyone tries to vote, enough of them will climb over the dead bodies and make it to the polling booths to allow George Bush to claim that he’s brought democracy to Iraq.

Debasing the language

In that press conference, in the first seven minutes George Bush used the words "freedom," "free," "liberty," and "liberate" a combined total of 24 times – or over three times a minute.

This from the man who has put America in a state of siege – increasing government at a rapid rate; having thousands of armed, freedom-protecting guards at his inauguration; appointing a torture-promoting Attorney General; making America more and more resemble a police state.

Ah, I’m old enough to remember when words actually had real meanings. 

Fhrer-ing all over the place

Sometime back, I mentioned that George Bush keeps talking about "leading" us, being our "leader," and where he intends to "lead the country" – even though that sounds terribly contrary to the state of freedom he keeps babbling on about.

Today, at that very same press conference, our Prez outdid himself:

"I'm looking forward to leading the Congress."

"I am excited by the challenge and am honored to be able to lead our nation in the quest of this noble goal, which is freeing people in the name of peace."

"I look forward to leading the world in that direction for the next four years."

Today, Congress.  Tomorrow, the Universe.

January 31, 2005