Sad To Say, Kerry Spoke the Truth

Now we hear that many Vietnam veterans are upset with John Kerry, because he testified to Congress back in 1971, about Americans committing war crimes while serving in Vietnam.

The sad thing is that Kerry was telling the truth. While the vast majority of veterans behaved honorably, there were still thousands and thousands who did not. Even if only of 1% committed a crime, that could add up to 45,000 bad American soldiers and Marines.

Just maybe the men offended by Kerry’s testimony never saw any combat or they were the ones committing the crimes and are feeling guilty. It has been widely reported that between one and three million innocent Vietnamese civilians were killed in the war. Somebody did that killing and that is a crime.

People ask why if Kerry knew about these crimes he didn’t stop them. Here is the attitude I had over in the Nam: you f___ with me and you are dead. Somebody shoots a gook and you start to say something, chances are pretty good that you will be dead too. I cannot tell you how many senior enlisted men and officers were killed by our own troops, but I bet it was in the thousands.

Some sick Americans just liked to kill gooks. "The only good gook is a dead gook." I saw guys with collections of ears and fingers. They were pretty strange and scary. Lots of guys were strung out on smack and who knows what they would do to get more.

ROK Marines kept heads on sticks in front of their compound. War gets crazy and some Americans got crazy too. They kill and rape and do even more terrible stuff than that. It made me sick. My government tortured women and children to death.

Kerry was telling the truth and some Americans cannot handle the truth.

War is a crime.