Paul Continues Fight for US Independence

Congressman Ron Paul continued his fight this week against the United Nations and its global government ambitions, authoring two amendments to a State department funding bill that would hobble the UN by cutting off its main source of funding: American taxpayers.

Paul’s first amendment would prohibit the use of taxpayer funds for payment of UN dues, an important step toward withdrawing America from the UN altogether (Paul’s popular bill, HR 1146, would not only withdraw America from the UN, but also evict the organization from its New York headquarters).

The second amendment directs the administration to withdraw the United States from UNESCO (the United Nation’s Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), a virulently anti-American and anti-western UN offshoot. UNESCO is nothing more than a propaganda mouthpiece for the usual globalist causes, including international abortion and population control; politically correct UN curriculum for American schools; UN control of federal land in America; cultural relativism; and global taxation, just to name a few.

President Reagan wisely withdrew the U.S. from UNESCO in 1984, citing the organization’s financial mismanagement, blatant anti-Americanism, and general hostility to freedom. Unfortunately, America rejoined UNESCO in 2002, promising to pay $60 million annually in dues just for starters — fully one-quarter of the organization’s budget! Paul’s amendment would put a stop to this

“It is time to stand up for American sovereignty,” Paul stated. “It is time to stop spending taxpayer money to fund an organization that is actively hostile to American laws and ideals. Participation in the United Nations is simply incompatible with our national sovereignty. Participation in UNESCO and its hate-America agenda is nonsensical. More and more Americans are beginning to realize how destructive the UN really is, and those Americans are pressuring Congress to stop giving billions of dollars to the enemies of American sovereignty.”

Dr. Ron Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.