Remora Nation!

“The only realistic way to alter the negative effect of Mexican influence on California, then, is to change the nature of its origin by legalizing immigration and giving foreigners the right to vote in state and local elections.”

~ Mexican Foreign Secretary Jorge G. Castañeda

"I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, to whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen…."

~ The oath of allegiance of a new American citizen

America is done. The latest Bush initiative which America's first Mexican CoPresident has announced is a blanket amnesty and de facto naturalization process for illegal invaders in the US. Much like Britain's fertility race to become the first exclusively Anglo-Muslim state in greater Europe, a short term liaison between politicos trolling for votes and an intellectually stunted punditry poisoned by politically correct notions of ethnic identity and victimhood has our rulers squeezing the trigger of the gun aimed at our heads. While Mexico remains a socialist disaster of the first order, they certainly don't reciprocate the courtesy of either allowing northern bound immigrants to trespass through Mexican territory with impunity or treat invaders with the magnanimity we do; the Fox regime is consciously fomenting an insurgency against the US and we respond with a form of surrender. As Pat Buchanan said, "Bush is erasing the US border." Fox has declared war on us and we have hoisted the white flag.

The pattern is clear from our rulers in DC. We essentially took the war to the civil population of Serbia for daring to secure their borders in Kosovo against a militant Islamic insurgency. The only permitted exception is the murderous enterprise called Israel, which can destroy, invade and terrorize with the US stamp of approval. Israeli borders are sacred but American borders are fluid. Why is the current neocon cabal so intent on opening the floodgates for third world immigration? The short-term goals are raw vote totals, a willful self-destruction of Western ideals and a ratcheting of the destruction of liberty and freedom in the Republic. The long-term goal is a manifestation of the preference for evil found among the political and chattering classes. Borrowing Fred Woodworth's idea, a preference for evil is the extension of the tired rationale in voting for the lesser of two evils.

Bush ran on a compassionate conservative program which has turned out to be National Socialism with a happy face. His chief political advisor, Karl Rove, views ideology as a transparent front for power aggrandizement and sees islands of political voting blocs and they have adopted the Pacific island-hopping campaign strategy from WWII to lead to total victory, sometimes passing strongholds with the intention of mopping up later. The goal is not victory over the Democrats who are clearly in league with the Republicans but the abolition of the individual in American life. As Paul Gottfried has demonstrated, the "managerial state" seeks to subsume individuals necessarily to ethnic or socioeconomic collectives for more effective manipulation. The Democratic mantra of race/identity/class has been melded with national security imperatives for a witch's brew that permits the state to conjure demons out of whole cloth to ensure the current regime flourishes. Have you noticed any national initiatives from the Republicans to dismantle any of the American apartheid apparatus currently in place for racial preference and cultural leveling? A call for a balanced budget? A curb on federal spending? Do you expect to see a massive deportation program of the tens of thousands of immigrant felons presently in the US? Not a prayer because of the PC straightjacket that has turned law enforcement into a purely political enterprise that serves the whims of its masters. It also conveniently midwifes ever-escalating crises that demand "government solutions." The parasitic welfare state will balloon to ever more unmanageable proportions and eventually foment an economic collapse as producers decide to stop working to support free riders. Karl Rove is a hybrid of Lee Atwater and Joseph Goebbels. The leveraging of future wealth to secure present power is the only visible modus operandi to support the neocon vision of an imperial America. Democracy provides the perfect foil to deflect blame from the rulers to the ruled with the implied patina of consent when things go inevitably awry.

One could point to the Patriot Acts or the bloody campaigns overseas as the means by which America is being dashed against the shoals but the true gutting of America is and will be the immigration debacle Bush the Younger is presently exacerbating. You can always leave it to politicians to have no sense of second and third order effects of their behavior and actions. Bush's proclamation is akin to commanding a ship and ordering it to detonate its own powder magazines for the good of the crew after inviting the enemy onboard. Rome on the Potomac hopes to capture a larger slice of the Hispanic vote but will instead usher in the final death throes of the Republic.

January 16, 2004


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