The Color of Money

Since the Treasury Department began replacing our beautiful and intricately designed greenbacks with lopsided, insipid, worthless-appearing play money, I have predicted: “Next step — colored money.” I simply did not believe that new designs were necessary; that the off-center designs would be ‘more difficult to forge.’

Yesterday, on Channel 1, the classroom news station, the teen reporters explained that the twenty-dollar bill is being changed…again…and that the bill will be green at the left edge, with changing hues across the face of the bill until it ends up peach-colored at the right edge. Peach?! I rushed to the phone and called my U.S. Representative, providing my students with a live demonstration of how citizens have the right to voice complaints, even about colorful currency.

I have often said, “just wait and see — the goal of the evil ones is to bring about a one-world currency; at the very least, a Western Hemisphere currency vs. an Eastern Hemisphere currency.” When I first saw the ugly, unbalanced (literally and figuratively) twenty dollar bill, I knew that the bait-and-switch; the pulling of wool over the sheeple’s eyes; the conversion; had begun; that the FED, and the Treasury Department, would destroy our beautiful and distinguishable Greenbacks, replacing them with a multi-colored collection similar to the Monopoly-looking (and feeling) paper scraps used in so many other countries. Next: a law will be passed to change the sizes of each bill. The plotters will claim that such modifications are imperative so the Blind can know which bills they carry. One-World, Color-coded, Multi-sized Currency! Offensive enough. But peach???

The teen reporters interviewed a representative from the treasury who explained that “the law” dictates that our money be redesigned every few years to cut down on forgery.

What law? Could she have meant the same ‘forgery’ that the ugly, off-centered design was supposed to end forever? Who wrote and sponsored such a bill? When was it passed? Who voted to color the money? How dare they?

Shouldn’t representatives understand that they are supposed to represent us and should only approve laws that are strictly constitutional? Have they truly become A Parliament of Whores, as suggested by P.J. O’Rourke?

Why did I learn of this offensive step towards multi-colored-globalism on teen-television, instead of from my congressman? Why wasn’t I warned by news reporters who should be keeping vigil over the State, warning citizens of unconstitutional expansion, intrusion, violation of rights, inappropriate legislation?

Shouldn’t reporters understand that they are supposed to report transgressions and pending violations? I’ve come to believe that most reporters willingly whore for networks: waste viewer time pushing foolish, survival shows; refuse to inform the public of important news; ignore all responsibilities to objectively report the sins and crimes of the State. Too many reporters are like a young journalism student I met in college. When I asked why she had chosen that major, her eyes turned dreamy and she said, “Because I want to make the world a better place.” (Huh?) When I attempted to explain that the goal of reporters should be to discover and report news — rather than manipulate the culture — she would not hear of it. D-i-s-c-o-n-n-e-c-t.

That young woman appears to typify the corrupt media upon which most people depend for news gathering and reporting. Congress appears to typify a parliament of whores upon which most people depend for constitutional, limited government. Obviously, we all can expect betrayal from both the media and the Congress. These two groups believe that we citizens are too stupid to notice their slight-of-hand; too dumbed-down to think; to analyze; to act; to block their treachery.

Well…they thought we would be foolish enough to go for a Susan B. Anthony ‘dollar’ disguised as a quarter; a Sacagawea golden ‘dollar’ disguised as a huge penny. We proved them wrong, and we made total fools of them — not once, but twice.

Let’s now take a stand for traditional, attractive Greenbacks and refuse to accept all peachy-keen twenties, and any other colored money that appears. I would rather haul around a purse of green dollars, than a wallet of multi-hued bills of handier denominations.

Let’s demand currency that conforms to that old ‘silver certificate’ recipe — rather than the half-baked rubber concoctions stirred up by Alan & the Boys. Let’s demand denominations-in-green. Better yet, let’s demand coins of silver and gold — real constitutional money; my currency of choice.